Your Guide to Selecting Your Best Wedding Dress

Wedding days are a significant life milestone for any bride, and it makes sense that they want to organise a successful event. Besides saying yes to the right invitation cards and wedding gowns, they must also determine whom to invite and what the guests will wear.

However, regardless if you want something formal or laid-back, planning for your big day can be highly stressful.

Fortunately, we put together eight themes you can try and which dress codes work best for your big day.

1. Smart-Casual

A smart-casual vibe is ideal if you want to dress up but keep things cosy and chill. This vibe works best for small, informal events like intimate weddings or backyard gatherings.

Women can wear blouses, skirts, dresses, and trousers as a casual-business attire, while men should wear button-ups, polos, jumpers, and slacks.

2. Casual

This dress code works best if you want a more relaxed atmosphere during your wedding. It’s suitable for beach weddings, backyard celebrations, or an intimate gathering with your best mates.

However, this theme means bracing yourself for surprises in your guests’ wardrobe choices. You can prevent these unwanted surprises by setting more specific expectations of ‘casual attire.’

3. Cocktail

This dress code implies semi-formal attire is appropriate for cocktail parties or weddings. Clothes must be stylish and polished while providing a more relaxed feel than formal dresses.

Women can wear dresses, jumpsuits, and two-piece outfits for this theme. On the other hand, men should come in wearing a suit, either with or without a tie.

4. Black Tie

This wedding theme is ideal for brides who want an elegant atmosphere for their special day. This wedding dress code usually starts after 6:00 pm, and couples reserve them for larger wedding parties.

Men attendees must wear a tuxedo with a bowtie and can accessorise with a scarf or watch. On the other hand, women should wear floor-length gowns, cocktail dresses, formal jumpsuits or classy separates.

5. Black Tie Optional

The theme lies between the cocktail and Black Tie dress codes. This dress code works best for garden, church, and destination weddings with a formal and romantic feel.

Unlike the traditional black tie attire, the black tie optional allows flexibility, where men can wear a suit instead of a tuxedo, and women’s dress requirements remain the same.

6. Creative

This wedding theme encourages guests to express themselves. They can wear Gatsby-inspired clothes or dress as their favourite characters from popular TV shows. It works best for couples who want their big day to reflect their interests and styles.

For instance, if you wish to host a 1950s-themed wedding, you should prepare for different outcomes: expect some guests to go over the top, or others may arrive in a simple costume.

7. Monochrome

This wedding theme requires guests to wear a single colour. It’s an excellent option for couples who are strict about what colour their guests should wear or if they want a uniform look.

You can ensure a unified wedding aesthetic by specifying which dress code colour your guests should wear on your wedding website or invitation.

8. White Tie

This option is the formal wedding dress code. Couples usually reserve this for extravagant, formal weddings in churches, hotels or for royal family members. Guests must strictly follow the rules of what and what not to wear.

Women must wear full-length gowns, while men should only arrive in black, double-breasted tailcoats, white waistcoats, and pearl cufflinks. They can also wear a top hat and pocket watch.

Dressing to Impress

Whether you want something extravagant or laid-back, your wedding dress code will significantly shape the atmosphere for your big day. Choosing a suitable wedding gown and picking a theme according to your unique interests can help create a memorable day.

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