Why You Shouldn’t Skip Wedding Insurance Coverage

Though you might hope otherwise, disasters can strike during your big day. A sudden cancellation, gifted items vanishing, or the gown being damaged—all of these things and more can happen if you are not prepared. Wedding insurance can protect you against these unexpected occurrences and make it easier to enjoy your wedding day. But what, exactly, is wedding insurance? And how does it work? Here’s the inside scoop.

What Wedding Insurance Covers

There are two types of wedding insurance: protection against a wedding vendor dropping out or a problem that causes you to lose money on the wedding, and protection against you or a guest being injured at your wedding. However, some policies might cover additional incidents, so read a policy carefully before you buy.

Generally, wedding insurance covers problems that occur within a certain period before the wedding day. Most policies cover events within a year of the wedding, although eight months is a more common cut-off date. Although it’s not often covered in your initial policy, wedding insurance can also provide coverage for events up to 180 days after your wedding day.

2 Types of Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance typically comes in two types: liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance covers your wedding costs if a vendor has to cancel at the last minute, leaving your plans in shambles. For example, if the baker becomes ill, cancels the order, or can’t finish the cake before the wedding, cancellation insurance helps pay for finding a new baker and retooling the cake design on such short notice.

It’s important to know that, to get full coverage, you will have to purchase cancellation insurance before you get a contract for your wedding. Suppose you’ve already entered into a contract with a vendor. Cancellation insurance won’t be effective unless you have a contract clause that waives the notice period for cancellation and allows for cancellation insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you from being legally liable for a guest’s injuries, property damage, or theft losses during the planning, preparation, or actual celebration. For example, let’s say you have a bridal shower at your home. A guest trips and breaks a leg during the party, or some of your heirloom jewellery goes missing. Liability insurance protects you from being legally held responsible for these losses.

Many liability policies are surprisingly affordable, especially if you get them soon, ideally, with a year or more lead time. They provide the peace of mind that you need to focus on planning an unforgettable party, not one that’s a disaster.

Of course, liability insurance won’t cover every accident that could happen at your wedding, so you must understand precisely what the policy covers and doesn’t cover. If you aren’t sure, ask your insurance provider.

Get Wedding Insurance Now

Contact a licensed wedding insurance provider for more information about wedding insurance coverage. As with any insurance, it’s essential to understand the terms of your policy before you purchase it. Because weddings become more expensive year after year, the risks associated with a disaster at the wedding—whether it’s one of your vendors cancelling at the last minute or someone getting injured—are also growing. So make sure you’re covered.

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