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Weddings 101: Why Do Brides Wear Veils during Their Big Day?

Tying the knot is one of most couples’ most joyous life experiences. It’s when two people become one and lay down all their feelings at the altar. This life milestone can also be thrilling as both individuals say “I do” in front of their family and best mates.

Besides saying yes to the perfect dress and shoes, it can’t be a wedding without wearing the cover. This traditional accessory has been around for centuries, and many brides consider it essential for their wedding ensemble. However, as you look for a veil and jewellery, you may wonder about its significance and what it symbolises.

If you want to make wiser choices for this life milestone, this article will discover what a wedding veil symbolises and explain why brides wear this accessory during their big day.

What Does a Wedding Veil Symbolise?

Wearing a wedding veil is a popular modern tradition for brides worldwide, symbolising purity and innocence. For some brides, it also marks their transition into adulthood as married women. Although not everyone will want to wear a veil, wedding planners recommend carefully considering the decision and trying on different styles to find the best fit for your wedding day. After all, it’s a unique opportunity to wear something special.

6 Reasons Brides Wear Wedding Veils

After discussing the symbolism of this traditional wedding accessory, this section will explain why brides wear veils during their big day.

1. To Frighten Evil Spirits

The ancient Romans were highly superstitious and believed in supernatural beings. They created the veil to protect the bride from these spirits. They made it from “flammeum,” a red sheet that covered her head and shoulders. From there, it became her disguise that protected her from demons.

2. To Cover Her Face

A new idea arose that brides must wear veils to hide their faces. It was due to people being confused about spiritual matters, but it eventually became a way for fathers to keep their daughters’ identities until they tied the knot. This practice prevented potential suitors from rejecting brides who weren’t as attractive as expected.

As time passed, this tradition became more about creating a romantic surprise for the groom, who wouldn’t see his bride’s face until the wedding day. It’s like something that you can see in your favourite romantic-comedy films!

3. To Ensure the Bride Doesn’t Escape

People initially designed the veil and long wedding dress trains to limit the bride’s freedom and prevent her from escaping an arranged marriage. This intention eventually raises questions about the flawed patriarchal system.

4. To Symbolise Chastity and Subservience

The white wedding dress became popular in the 18th century as Queen Victoria promoted it as a symbol of innocence. Although the veil has symbolised modesty, respect, purity, and submission in religious rituals and weddings, it also represents the idea of unbroken purity through the hymen.

5. To Represent the Groom’s Dominance

The father’s tradition of walking the bride down the aisle has old-fashioned implications, as it formerly represented the dad giving control of his daughter to her husband. The lifting of the veil symbolised this transfer of ownership.

6. To Symbolise the Bride’s Feelings for Her Partner

In other words, the person who unwraps a present is the one who will keep it. It was previously typical for the bride’s father to remove her veil before giving her away to her future husband. It’s customary for the groom to remove the cover just before the wedding, indicating his desire to take the bride as his spouse.

Uncovering the Truth

Wedding veils are a traditional accessory with a long history and symbolise purity, innocence, and modesty. You can make more educated choices for your big day by educating yourself about their background and finding veils and jewellery.

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