Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping isΒ  a magical time and not one you get to do often! Sometimes it can be a bit daunting, especially the first appointment! To make it as special as possible you may want to come prepared. Below are a couple of tips for your bridal shopping.

For most wedding dresses, the consultant has to come into the change room with you and assist you getting into the dress. A strapless bra, nude coloured underwear and underwear you don’t mind being seen by your consultant are very helpful. Wearing stockings is a good idea if you aren’t comfortable in just your underwear.

Shoes similar to the height you plan to wear on the day helps so if you do find that one perfect dress when you are out, you can get measured for the height you will be on the day with your shoes, not your height when you are barefoot!

An open mind πŸ™‚ On your first couple of appointments it is a really good idea to try on a couple of different styles, to help you eliminate styles you don’t like and narrow down to the ones you do. Just to make sure you don’t get buyers remorse and have a “What if I had tried on one of those princess cut gowns and loved it, now I will never know” moment. Having said that you do not want to try on hundreds of dresses and just confuse yourself!

If you are borrowing jewellery, a veil or any other accessory might be worth bringing that along to make sure it matches your dress.

Stay true to yourself! No matter friends, families and consultant’s opinions, as helpful as they are, you need to make sure when it comes down to the decision, that it truly is the dress for you that you fall in love with.

In the end don’t stress it, your bridal consultant’s are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible, they have seen it all, know what they are doing and truly enjoy helping you find the dress of your dreams πŸ™‚

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