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Tips on How to Match Jewellery to Your Wedding Gown

Many times, selecting the ideal jewellery to go with your wedding dress is left until the very last minute. Choosing accessories can seem overwhelming after spending so much time and effort locating the perfect gown. 

After all, they could make or ruin your outfit. Our best advice for choosing your wedding jewellery can help you get closer to saying “I do” to the ideal accessories for your special day, so it might not be as difficult as you think.

Below are some of the amazing ways you can effectively pair your accessories to your bridal gown.

Let It Appeal to the Emotions

Start with a piece of jewellery that has special meaning to you and that you know you want to don on your wedding day. There is no better justification for choosing a piece than a personal connection to it.

Investing in timeless heirloom pieces is becoming more popular since they not only meet the criteria for sustainable fashion. You won’t just notice the newest Pinterest trend when you look back on your wedding photography; you’ll see something important.

Another wonderful method to include someone who can’t attend your wedding is to wear something borrowed. If you’re missing a significant person, having that connection might dramatically improve how you feel that day.

Consider how you might supplement your selection of must-have items. Don’t feel as though everything needs to match perfectly.

Think about Your Neckline

Jewelry for brides must match the gown when it comes to style. If worn poorly, jewellery can detract from your outfit rather than enhance it.

For instance, with a sweetheart and strapless neckline, the key choice is whether to make your décolletage the centre of attention or fill the gap with a necklace.

This actually depends on how elaborate your dress is; if your neckline is already adorned, skip the necklace and instead for a bold pair of earrings.

Your options for earrings will be limited by your haircut that day. If you’re going for an up-do, don’t be afraid to attempt something bolder, like a stunning pair of chandelier earrings. A pair of diamond studs work great beneath long, unruly hair.

Follow Your Gut Instinct

There are several benefits to following your gut instinct. If necessary, break every norm, but above all, be confident and thoughtful in your decisions. Don’t try something new on your wedding day if you don’t typically wear much jewellery.

Do what you normally would with a bit more sparkle so that you can feel and look your best on the big day. You’ll look great and feel great.

For the evening reception, you could switch out your bridal jewellery if there is a certain piece you really want to try. This is your chance to don a statement necklace or a set of diamond earrings that wouldn’t fit anywhere else!

Trends in Bridal Jewellery

According to stylists, brides will increasingly “go big or go home” during the next few years. People have a strong desire to make their wedding count as they put the finishing touches on their big day because so many weddings have had to be postponed several times.


Consider investing in pieces you might want to wear again when selecting jewellery to accompany your wedding gown. Every time you wear bridal jewellery with meaning, you might be reminded of your special day.

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