Styling Your Strapless Wedding Dress

It’s unsurprising why the strapless gown is one of the most popular styles of wedding dresses around. It’s like a blank canvas, where you can add earrings, a necklace, shoes, a headpiece, a sash, and any other accessory that complements your other style choices. Its simple and unfettered design makes it easier for you to customise it and make it uniquely your own—no sleeves or a neckline to clash with any wedding accessories.

If you are wondering how you can style your strapless wedding dress, here are some tips on accessorising the gown from head to toe.

Let’s Start with Your Head Accessories

You can wear a veil or headpiece like a headband, wreath, crown, or embellished comb. 

But if you want to wear both, no one can stop you. You can always anchor your veil with a bridal headband!

For most brides, wearing a veil can make them feel like they are wedding-ready because it’s a classic wedding accessory that has been around for centuries. Other reasons for wearing it can be of religious or cultural significance. Generally, brides wear a longer veil when they have a long gown and grander hemline. On the other hand, a shorter veil looks best with a short, tea-length, or high-low gown.

Explore the Many Stylistic Possibilities of Jewelry

A creative mind can think of so many styling options for jewelry on a strapless wedding dress. Since a strapless gown doesn’t have sleeves or lace necklines that would catch on jewellery, you won’t have a problem wearing a bracelet, dangling earrings, or an elaborate necklace. The bare open neckline of a strapless gown is a fantastic place for a statement necklace. If you’re eyeing a grand necklace, it will perfectly complement your wedding gown.

Here’s an important styling tip to note: Balance your earrings with your necklace. If you wear a pair of long dangling chandelier earrings, it’s best to keep the neckline bare. Maybe you can get away with a very simple necklace. 

Big earrings combined with a big necklace can be too much, so unless you’re confident you can pull it off, it’s better to keep it balanced. However, big earrings go well with a big bracelet. So you want to consider that style option instead.

Want to Put on Sashes or Belts for Added Pizzazz?

If you want to add details to the wedding dress itself, consider doing it at the waist. You can look up different designs of sashes and wedding beaded belts that can accentuate your strapless gown. A sash is a great idea because it restyles a simple strapless dress into an entirely new design.

Transform Your Strapless Wedding Gown into Another Outfit

Do you want to have two different looks for your wedding day without the hassle of stepping out of an elaborate gown? Putting on toppers, wraps, coverups, or shoulder jewelry over your gown will make it look like a new dress. They work best on a strapless gown that doesn’t have too many accessories or details on the bodice. It’s a simple wedding to reception transformation every bride would want to try.

Of Course, the Whole Thing Won’t Be Complete without the Shoes!

Here’s a pro-tip: Choose your shoes before your wedding gown fitting. Your designer adjusts the hem of your gown precisely to your height with shoes, so be sure to pick your shoes before your scheduled dress fitting. You can go for an embellished pair of shoes if you have a simple strapless dress with a tea-length or hi-low hem.


Don’t forget to have fun styling your strapless wedding dress. It’s great to experiment on which accessories to pair together. Just be sure to balance your pieces and check if they complement each other. 

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