Shopping Guide: What Every Plus-Size Bride Should Know

Wedding gown shopping is a tradition to some, while a fantasy to others. We bet you’ve been dreaming of this moment since you were a child. However, while this part of wedding planning may be exciting, it’s important to note that finding the perfect dress might not be as easy as one may think.

Beyond finding the perfect dress, plus-size brides might face more challenges due to the limited availability of plus-size wedding dresses. This is by no means a sign for plus-size brides to lose weight and “look appealing”–this is a call to find the best solutions for every bride, no matter their size. 

Indeed, true happiness should not be influenced by one’s dress size. Here, we want every curvy and plus-size bride to feel confident, look beautiful, and embrace their stunning body.

Read on to discover this shopping guide on what every plus-side bride should know.

Scavenge for Plus-Size Bridal Shops Early

Purchasing a wedding gown is challenging for women of all sizes. Plus-size brides may endure significantly more stress. Plus-size wedding salons, according to Lisa Litt, owner of Della Curva, “understand a plus-size bride’s needs, likes, and offer the biggest assortment of sizes.”

It is useful to be able to purchase with the assistance of a body type specialist. If there is no plus-size wedding dress store nearby, there are options.

Prearrange and Finalise Schedules

Locate a trusted store. Don’t be concerned if you can’t find a plus-size retailer in your area. Many retailers still sell gowns for try-ons. Inquire about size ahead of time.

When planning your wedding, research might help you avoid uncomfortable scenarios. When you contact or call to see if they have dresses in your size, include your size. Inquire about larger seating options and fitting rooms.

Choose your Wedding Party Wisely

Do not feel forced to bring those who do not wish you well. Choose your companions with care. Bring only positive people. During your bridal appointment, even well-meaning relatives should refrain from criticising your style or size.

We suggest considering your preference and creating boundaries before trying on outfits. Inform them that this is a no-diet zone, and that while constructive criticism is welcome, unpleasant remarks are not. Some people are unaware that they are using fat-phobic language and behaviours; yet, confronting them will help both you and them.

The Dress Size Is Irrelevant

Wedding gown sizes may differ from your regular size. People of all sizes must frequently size up when it comes to trying on gowns from bridal boutiques. 

However, it is simply about how the garment flatters your form. Thus, choose a dress that flatters your shape. The numbers on the tags make no difference.

Be Open-Minded

Before selecting a dress, you most likely investigated the most flattering dress styles for your body type. That’s excellent, but have an open mind about it. Brides who are self-conscious about their bodies may resist attempting new trends.

The clothing options for each body type are just that: suggestions. Without hesitation, try on gowns that are outside of your comfort zone. Allow your wedding stylist to make suggestions and be open to them. By accident, you may discover something you enjoy.

Consider all the Details

When it comes to finding a dress, you must also consider the rest of the details of your look. Consider any elements you’d like to include in your wedding and bring them up during fittings. Do you want to keep the dress long or short? Do you want an updo or long curls? 

For your next fitting appointment, wear a ponytail and smudge-proof lipstick. You’ll see how amazing how a tiny change can dramatically transform your outfit.


Remember, wedding planning and wedding dress shopping are, above all, fun. Simply keep this shopping guide in mind, take a deep breath, and honour your body. Take this time to let loose and celebrate your wedding early! No matter the look of the dress, it’s the woman who truly beholds the beauty.

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