Shopping for a Dress for Two Brides – Here Are Some Tips

Two brides planning for a wedding can sound great as they can share the cost and planning, but it also can be a little tricky. This especially applies to the dresses they would wear for the big day. 

Determining the perfect wedding dresses for two different brides is something you should consider since it would affect your big day. After all, there’s a high chance that you and your partner have very different styles. And while it might be tempting to pick the same dress, it’s important to find something that represents both of your styles.

Here are a few tips for shopping for dresses as two brides:

1. Decide What Look You Both Want

There can be instances where both brides fight over a dress simply because they want to establish matching gowns, but the other prefers a different style. Remember: this is your big day, so there’s no point in arguing. Talk to each other and come to a mutually happy compromise.

Start by sitting down and discussing the look you both want. Do you want something traditional, or do you want to go for a more modern look? Once you’ve nailed down a style, it’ll be easier to find dresses that reflect that.

If you can’t decide between two styles, consider having two wedding dresses—one for the ceremony and one for the reception. This way, you can have the best of both worlds. However, make sure your styles still coordinate to avoid looking too busy.

2. Determine Your Preferred Colours 

While the standard colour for bridal gowns is white, it pays to know that today’s brides are wearing gowns in every rainbow colour. So, if you’re set on a particular colour, don’t be afraid to ask your bridal consultant to help you find a gown in that colour.

Just be aware that some colours may not photograph as well as others. For example, light colours like ivory or champagne may not appear well in pictures, while dark colours like navy or black may be too harsh in person.

3. Try on Dresses

If you and your partner have yet to find a specific style, why not drop by a bridal store to try on wedding dresses and see what would fit the two of you? After all, some brides experience liking a certain style of gown in mind only to be disappointed later on because it doesn’t look the same on them as it did in the magazines.

This is because not all wedding gowns look good on all body types. For example, there may be better choices than a ballgown silhouette for a petite bride, while a mermaid gown may not be the best option for a bride with a curvier figure. In this case, you need to consult your bridal consultant to find styles that will flatter your figure, give you the finest possible look, and make you feel beautiful on your wedding day.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, shopping for a dress for two brides can be a fun and exciting experience, but it is imperative to take the chance to find the right dress for your big day. After all, your wedding day only happens once, and you want to look and feel your best. By finding a dress that fits your personality and style, you can be sure to have a wedding day that you will always remember.

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