Debunking 4 Common Wedding Dress Myths

Although weddings are one of the most critical events in an individual’s life, it is also an occasion most noted for all the myths it developed over the years. However, there’s nothing to stop the love between two people from getting married—even myths about wedding dresses. Here are the most common myths about wedding dresses and their truth.

1. Bridal Gowns Have to Be White

White wedding gowns are a favourite for many women because of their elegant appeal. But contrary to popular belief, they shouldn’t only come in white. The tradition of wearing a white gown started in the 17th century because of innocence and purity. It is not portrayed as a symbol of chastity, but it symbolises independence.

Today, the bride has the leeway to wear any colour she wants as long as it is classy and fits the theme of the wedding and the bride’s personality. However, for those who want to stick with the traditional, white wedding gowns are still available at various bridal shops.

2. Beautiful Bridal Gowns Are Expensive

Even if people are not aware of the wedding dress traditions, most people have heard that a bridal gown is expensive. One of the reasons for a white gown’s popularity is the cost. Women have to have the perfect body to wear this type of gown. Money gets the best cloth, optimum tailoring, and the best fabrics.

But the thing is, beautiful wedding gowns don’t have to be expensive. These days, the designers and manufacturers of bridal gowns have discovered ways to make them affordable without sacrificing the quality and look. You can also ask your bridal gown designer to find a second-hand dress at an affordable price. Because, after all, you’re the bride, and you shouldn’t have to bother yourself about the cost.

3. Brides Should Know What They Want

It is a great idea for brides to know what they want for their dress if they picture the things they desire. For example, a bride who wants to wear a princess style wedding gown can decide on the colours she wants for the dress, like white, gold or blue. She should also choose things like the length and the neckline.

Knowing what they want will help the brides to narrow down her choice. However, the bride doesn’t need to have the final say on the colour and design. It shouldn’t matter if the bride changes her mind after selecting a plan. Everything is more important than how the person looks in the dress, and the most important thing is to be happy.

4. Bridal Gowns Should Be Floor-Length

Because of historical reasons, there are also myths about the length of bridal gowns. In the early years, only women of high status wore bridal gowns. These women wore floor-length dresses to show their wealth.

Today, brides should choose a dress that they are comfortable wearing. According to many designers, shorter dresses suit modern women because they have confidence in their beauty and skin. Also, shorter dresses are more feminine and sexy. So, if you’re planning to wear a short bridal gown, don’t worry, you’re not the first one!


A wedding is an extraordinary event for the bride and the groom, and they need to have the best wedding gown possible. And though there are some wedding dress myths, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a wonderful experience.

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