Beautifully Bohemian – Choosing a Boho Dress For the Free Spirit

Free-spirited brides-to-be that dream of wearing a free-flowing gown that perfectly encapsulates one’s eclectic style while walking down the aisle—or in your case, a garden, the beach, or any nature-driven setting.

Women who want to share their love stories while showcasing their unconventional personalities would definitely express their unique outlook on life through a bohemian-style wedding dress, a style that represents carefreeness and a need to enjoy everything under the sun with wanton abandon. 

What is the Bohemian Style?

The bohemian style took inspiration from the free and easy nature of gypsies, which may have infamous traits, but the love for all things boho derives from their courage to lead a nomadic lifestyle. When you weave that stylistic movement into fashion, it creates an unconventional design that isn’t encumbered by traditions and the norms expected in society. 

Seeing as bohemians emphasise the importance of living outside the box, you can imagine how creative it would look when translated into fashion. When it comes to bohemian wedding gowns, you’ll notice a medley of different fashion muses as it produces a mix of retro-fueled patterns, bold colours, and a penchant for romantic design. 

What Makes a Bohemian Style?

If you’re wondering what qualities you need to consider when shopping for the ideal bohemian wedding dress, the list below explores some of the key characteristics that make a bohemian look! 

Factor #1: Lace 

Bohemian style is all about embracing femininity without restrictions, so what better way to add an understated elegance and old-world charm to your bohemian dress than lace accents? Many bohemian wedding gowns are made with full-lace designs, though others use lace to add a touch of softness to the bride’s special ensemble. 

Factor #2: Crochet 

If you’re on the lookout for dresses with elaborate, intricate patterns, then a crocheted gown is the perfect accent that can give your look an earthly-inspired aesthetic. It looks beautiful with its artistic craftsmanship, especially as it adds visually striking textures that can make your boho wedding gown more dynamic than ever. 

Factor #3: Vintage 

Bohemian style takes cues from the casual personality of the 70s era, so it’s not a surprise that most bohemian wedding dresses look like they’re a blast from the past. Whether you’re going for simplicity or sophistication, one thing is for sure: a bohemian dress offers timeless beauty that makes your vintage look just as vogue. 

The Bottom Line: The Beauty of Bohemian Style Wedding Dresses

As a bohemian bride at heart, it’s important to explore different wedding gowns that capture your free-spirited nature. While the guide above showcases the qualities that complete a bohemian look, its essence should be as carefree as your personality. 

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