A Simple & Easy Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Veil

The veil is generally chosen by the bride during her engagement, as part of her wedding dress ensemble. Your veil should complement your dress without overshadowing it. If you want the perfect headpiece to complete your outfit on your special day, you’ll have to take a few things into consideration.

In this guide, we break down the key things you need to consider before getting the perfect wedding veil.

Setting Your Budget

The price of your veil will greatly depend on your budget and the role your veil will play in your ensemble. If you are the type of bride who wants to have an elaborate, glamorous wedding, it is safe to assume that you will spend more on your wedding veil, compared to the type of bride who wants an uncomplicated, casual wedding.

To keep the cost of your veil affordable, it is also important to remember that you will purchase other accessories to go with your veil, such as the comb, hair pins and veil clips. 

Complementing Your Hairstyle 

The choice of your veil should compliment your hairstyle. For example, if you have long, flowing hair, you can opt for a more dramatic veil. If you have shorter hair, you can opt for a simple veil with no embellishments.

You should also take into account the venue, season and the time of day. For example, if you have a spring wedding with a casual and lively atmosphere, you can opt for a more elaborate veil to make the ceremony more memorable. If you have a winter wedding with a more formal atmosphere, you can opt for a more demure veil.

Complementing Your Dress

When choosing your veil, it is important to ensure that the colour of your veil complements your wedding dress. Here are some prime examples:

1) Embellished Dresses

Dresses that have embellishments, such as pearls, lace and crystals are ideal for more elaborate veils. You can choose from various styles and lengths. This includes a cathedral veil, an elbow-length veil, a fingertip veil, or a face-framing veil.

2) Simple, Elegant Dresses

Elegant and classic dresses are ideal for a simple veil. You can choose from various styles and lengths. This includes a fingertip veil, a face-framing veil, a cathedral veil, or an elbow-length veil. If you want to go with a more modern twist, you can choose a semi-sheer or sheer veil.

3) Gowns With Long Trains

This is a common situation as it is a matter of balance. You do not want to overshadow your bridal gown with a veil that is too heavy, especially if you have a long train on your dress. 

A fingertip-length veil can be the perfect option to create balance. You can also opt for a semi-sheer or sheer veil or even for a cathedral veil.

4) Bohemian-Style Dresses

For a more bohemian wedding, you can choose a different type of veil that is more bohemian in nature and that complements your wedding dress. 

For example, you can opt for a sheer veil attached to a tiara or headband. You can even opt for a headband veil or a boho-inspired veil made of natural materials.


There are various styles and types of wedding veils available. The one that complements your dress and your hairstyle will be the best for your ceremony.

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