A Quick Guide to Wedding Guest Dress Codes

When it comes to wedding dress codes, most people think that formal is the only way to go. However, there are plenty of other types of dress codes that are appropriate for various types of weddings. 

If you’re stressed out about which type of wedding dress code would be perfect for your event or if you’ve been invited to a wedding and you’re unsure about what you should wear, don’t worry. Here are some of the most common wedding dress codes and how you could dress stylishly for the event.

1. Casual

If you’re invited to a casual wedding, wear whatever type of clothing you want as long as it’s comfortable and doesn’t look too dressy. For example, instead of wearing a suit, wear a blazer.

You can also wear a dress shirt or a blouse and dress pants. If you’re a man, you can even wear a collared shirt with dress pants and a blazer.

Try to avoid wearing something that’s too flashy or obnoxious. The only requirement for a casual wedding dress code is that you look like you’re comfortable in your outfit.

2. Cocktail

If you’re invited to a cocktail reception, then you are expected to dress more formally than someone invited to a casual wedding.

For a cocktail wedding dress code, you can wear just about anything as long as it’s a step up from casual.

For ladies, a dress or a nice skirt with a nice top will work. If you don’t want to wear a dress, you can wear a nice skirt or nice pants with a nice top. For men, it’s best to wear a suit jacket with dress pants, a collared shirt, and dress shoes.

3. White Tie

If you’ve been invited to a white-tie wedding dress code, you’re expected to wear very elegant attire to the event.

For ladies, formal evening gowns are appropriate. Gowns are more popular than dresses because they have a more elegant look. However, do take note that the goal is to look elegant, not over-the-top.

Men are also expected to wear a tuxedo to a white-tie wedding. Tuxedo jackets are considered the most popular choice for men, but you can wear a tuxedo vest or a tuxedo shirt and pants.

4. Black Tie

A black-tie wedding means that you’re expected to wear something fancier than a suit and tie.

For ladies, a formal gown is appropriate; however, you can also wear a long or short cocktail dress or a formal pantsuit.

If you’re a man, you can wear a tuxedo, a suit jacket with dress pants, a tuxedo jacket, or a tuxedo vest with a collared shirt and dress shoes.

5. Tropical or Destination

Tropical or destination weddings usually take place at a tropical or island resort.

For ladies, a nice sundress is appropriate. You can also wear a nice maxi dress or a nice sundress with a pair of flat sandals. Men can wear shorts and a collared shirt or a nice polo shirt with a pair of nice dress shoes.

Final Thoughts

The nice thing about most wedding dress codes is that you can wear your most elegant outfit and still be comfortable. With this guide, you can be a little more sure about the outfits that you pick. At the end of it all, just make sure you match the formality of your outfit with the formality of the wedding dress code.

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