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15 Breathtaking Reasons to Say Yes to Simple Wedding Gowns

While there’s nothing wrong with splurging on your special day, wedding expenses can get out of hand, especially when picking a wedding gown. Fortunately, you can still enjoy a memorable wedding when you get a simple wedding gown because they are elegant and let the bride’s natural beauty shine through.

As Christchurch’s best stop for wedding gowns, we’ll discuss 15 beautiful reasons brides say yes to minimalistic wedding dresses.

1. Easy to Pack 

It can be stressful for brides to carry extravagant wedding gowns in a special box to protect them, especially if you choose a destination wedding. However, a simple wedding gown lets you carry and move it around easily. 

2. Offers More Comfort 

If you’re a bride who loves comfort and prefers wearing sneakers over five-inch heels, simple wedding gowns are your best option! Thanks to its simple cut and minimalistic design, you can enjoy your special day and socialise with your loved ones. 

3. They’re Affordable

Several brides opt for simpler wedding gowns because they’re more affordable than the average dress costing between $2,500 to $4,000. 

4. Available in Different Styles 

A common misconception about simple wedding gowns is they’re monochromatic and offer no dramatic effect. Many design options let brides choose a stunning dress over a usual style. 

5. Available in Other Colours 

While there’s nothing wrong with choosing the traditional white wedding gowns, you can always pick a modern colour, such as soft whites, nudes, and ivories, to stand out.

6. Perfect for the Summer 

We strongly recommend wearing a simple wedding gown if you decide to tie the knot in the summer heat. Their soft fabric is easy to wear, comfortable, and breathable. 

7. Perfect for Beach Weddings 

Nothing is more romantic than professing your love to your partner in a simple wedding gown as the sun sets over your beautiful ceremony and the crashing waves enhance the mood. 

8. Perfect for a Small Backyard Wedding 

Combining a dainty backyard wedding with a minimalistic wedding gown is ideal for brides who want to keep things extra simple. 

9. Choose from Off-Shoulder or Strapless Dresses 

Simple wedding gowns come in different styles, colours, and embellishments, and you can say yes to the right dress. Depending on your preference, you can choose an off-shoulder or strapless dress.

10. Enjoy the Flowy Elegance 

Whether you want to feel like a queen or be yourself on your wedding day, neither preference is wrong. However, if you prefer simple elegance, we recommend choosing a simple wedding gown. You can select a complete lacy dress or a fit-and-flare silhouette to keep it chic and classy.

11. Lightweight and Airy

Brides choose simple wedding gowns over luxurious dresses because they’re lightweight and airy. The soft fabric offers a relaxed feeling and allows brides to walk and dance around freely. These simple wedding gowns provide you with the desired softness and ensure people will look at you, not your dress.

12. Easy-to-Wear Styles

There are endless possibilities when finding a simple wedding gown. You don’t need to be stuck with a single shadow; a fit and flare style can make you look sexy, or a classic a-line dress can give you a timeless feel.

13. More Subtlety

A simple wedding gown is the best option for brides who want to relax on their special day because these dresses offer subtle looks and require less effort to look breathtaking.

14. Sellable after the Wedding

As the trend for pre-loved clothes increases, simple wedding gowns are the first ones to go. They’re versatile and more stylable. They’re also more affordable than elaborate ones, making them suitable for younger couples.

15. Suitable for Rush City Hall Ceremonies

Lastly, a city hall wedding and simple wedding gowns work best for brides rushing to get married because they’re readily adjustable and available.

Finding the Right Dress

Simple wedding gowns are your best option if you want to be yourself or are on a budget. Wilkins Bridal offers stunning minimalistic wedding gowns in Christchurch, New Zealand, to ensure our brides’ maximum comfort on their big day. Book an appointment today!

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