These days it always stands out in your memory when you get that service that makes you feel one in a million. We are trying to do just that for every bride that walks through our doors. We are romantics through and through and believe that every process in the wedding planning should be enjoyable and part of the experience. It’s not every day you get to try on beautiful wedding dresses so it should be a memory you cherish forever! For stunning quality gowns, book an appointment today, we would love to meet you!!


WILKINS BRIDAL is extremely lucky to have their very own In-House Designer. Meet Jenny-Lea from . Specialising in not only Made-To-Measure Bespoke Bridal Couture, but special occasion wear, evening wear, bridesmaid gowns and extensive Mother Of The Bride/Groom selections.

Born in Christchurch Jenny-Lea spent most of her childhood in the Marlborough Sounds, swimming in the sea, horse riding and generally running around with no shoes on. From an early age she loved all things sewing and crafty, stealing sheets from the linen cupboard to make her creations from.

Venturing overseas in 2001 Jenny-Lea spent 12 years living and travelling the Uk sewing her way around the globe gathering experience and gaining skills. Now back in Christchurch, Jenny-Lea has continued to utilise her creativity by establishing her own label and creating her own designs.

Jenny-Lea is a now a well-established Bridal Label in its own rights as well as offering tailoring and alterations through Wilkins Bridal for all of the gowns they sell with whom she shares her central city premises.

Jenny-Lea always ensures the Fit Is To Perfection !!!!


It seems like a life time ago that Destination weddings were on the cards for Kiwis due to Covid 19…..

Well How Lucky are our brides here in New Zealand with the Cook Islands opening up for Destination Weddings once Again…….


Megan Wooley

BRIDE: Megan Wooley

WEDDING DATE:  2oth November 2021




My experience at Wilkins Bridal:I  just want to say a huge thank you for helping me find my incredible dress! We were lucky enough to have our wedding day recently on November 20th, and we would do it all over again if we could! ❤ I have had so many comments on my beautiful dress that I wanted to share a few pics with you 🥰

Thank you again, and thank you to Jenny for talking me out of making the changes I thought I originally wanted to 🤭🤍




What Are The Unique Wedding Traditions in New Zealand

Today’s modern practices significantly differ from the marriage customs back in the colonial days of New Zealand. Suitors ask for permission to marry the one they love from the father of their bride-to-be, for example. 

It was also customary for weddings to be arranged between and within tribes in the native Maori society. Of course, there were also couples who naturally fell in love with each other, but they had to first gain the blessings of tribal elders before they could marry. Given this, various marriages were organised to help maintain the status and wealth of high-ranking families. 

While many of today’s wedding practices have already drawn inspiration from Western culture, some of the ancient traditions above have found their way into modern ones. Read this article to learn more about wedding traditions in New Zealand and their various aspects. 

Wedding Ceremonies

The most common ones you will see in New Zealand are traditional church weddings with a format resembling that of Christian and European settlers. Given this, many couples believe the British superstition that it may bring bad luck if the groom sees his bride before the actual wedding. The couple should only meet at the church on the wedding day when she will be customarily given away by her father or father figure.

Traditional weddings associated with Maori culture, on the other hand, may still adhere to deeply rooted ceremonies and customs. However, a marriage can only be deemed legal in New Zealand if performed by a religion minister recognised in the country’s Marriage Act of 1908. 

Additionally, the Maori Purposes Act in 1951 stipulates that native weddings are recognised less by society. All citizens must conduct a church service ceremony for their marriage to be legal and their offspring to have legitimate status. 

If one or both of the couple have Maori ancestry, they can include traditional elements into the wedding ceremony and Maori-style exchange of rings, which can be bones or greenstones instead of gold bands.  This practice is an integral part of Maori heritage because these rings, called the “infinity loops”, are carved into perfect circles to represent the enduring cycle of love. 

Civil wedding ceremonies are another option in the country. They have unique customs that date back to the 19th century, when settlers had better access to civil offices compared to churches and ministers. In this ceremony, the couple must get a licence and attend a registrar office with their two witnesses. 

Wedding Parties

Socialising with other guests is an essential part of any New Zealand wedding. It has always been believed that the party lets both families of the new couple bond and is a chance to bless and congratulate them on the significant milestone. In fact, weddings in the country have since developed a new tradition of adding an extra celebration day, with the families getting together even after the day of the wedding!

Influence by British traditions, the meal after the actual ceremony is called the “wedding breakfast” and is eaten in the morning. But nowadays, many weddings are held later in the day, and their parties continue into the evening. 

As with most ceremonies around the world, New Zealand weddings also practice having the couple do a customary first dance on the floor. The couple can always add their special twist, especially if they have unique hobbies or have Maori heritage. 

Wedding Clothes

These are primarily influenced by white weddings, with the bride wearing a full white gown and the groom wearing a black or grey suit. If one or both of the couple have Maori ancestry, you may also see them donning the traditional white wedding attire before changing into native clothing for their reception. 


New Zealand weddings have distinct customs and traditions, and it helps to know them if you are attending or having one. Whether a family member or friend is holding a traditional or modern New Zealand wedding, what’s sure is you will definitely have a good time observing the practices and bonding with other guests!

If you are on the lookout for a wedding dress, check out Wilkins Bridal. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we offer gowns designed in various styles, from traditional to contemporary, with exquisite fabrics including luxurious satins, flowing chiffons, and sensational silks, complemented by elegant detail such as intricate embroidery or sparkling beading using genuine Swarovski crystals. book 

Styling Your Strapless Wedding Dress

It’s unsurprising why the strapless gown is one of the most popular styles of wedding dresses around. It’s like a blank canvas, where you can add earrings, a necklace, shoes, a headpiece, a sash, and any other accessory that complements your other style choices. Its simple and unfettered design makes it easier for you to customise it and make it uniquely your own—no sleeves or a neckline to clash with any wedding accessories.

If you are wondering how you can style your strapless wedding dress, here are some tips on accessorising the gown from head to toe.

Let’s Start with Your Head Accessories

You can wear a veil or headpiece like a headband, wreath, crown, or embellished comb. 

But if you want to wear both, no one can stop you. You can always anchor your veil with a bridal headband!

For most brides, wearing a veil can make them feel like they are wedding-ready because it’s a classic wedding accessory that has been around for centuries. Other reasons for wearing it can be of religious or cultural significance. Generally, brides wear a longer veil when they have a long gown and grander hemline. On the other hand, a shorter veil looks best with a short, tea-length, or high-low gown.

Explore the Many Stylistic Possibilities of Jewelry

A creative mind can think of so many styling options for jewelry on a strapless wedding dress. Since a strapless gown doesn’t have sleeves or lace necklines that would catch on jewellery, you won’t have a problem wearing a bracelet, dangling earrings, or an elaborate necklace. The bare open neckline of a strapless gown is a fantastic place for a statement necklace. If you’re eyeing a grand necklace, it will perfectly complement your wedding gown.

Here’s an important styling tip to note: Balance your earrings with your necklace. If you wear a pair of long dangling chandelier earrings, it’s best to keep the neckline bare. Maybe you can get away with a very simple necklace. 

Big earrings combined with a big necklace can be too much, so unless you’re confident you can pull it off, it’s better to keep it balanced. However, big earrings go well with a big bracelet. So you want to consider that style option instead.

Want to Put on Sashes or Belts for Added Pizzazz?

If you want to add details to the wedding dress itself, consider doing it at the waist. You can look up different designs of sashes and wedding beaded belts that can accentuate your strapless gown. A sash is a great idea because it restyles a simple strapless dress into an entirely new design.

Transform Your Strapless Wedding Gown into Another Outfit

Do you want to have two different looks for your wedding day without the hassle of stepping out of an elaborate gown? Putting on toppers, wraps, coverups, or shoulder jewelry over your gown will make it look like a new dress. They work best on a strapless gown that doesn’t have too many accessories or details on the bodice. It’s a simple wedding to reception transformation every bride would want to try.

Of Course, the Whole Thing Won’t Be Complete without the Shoes!

Here’s a pro-tip: Choose your shoes before your wedding gown fitting. Your designer adjusts the hem of your gown precisely to your height with shoes, so be sure to pick your shoes before your scheduled dress fitting. You can go for an embellished pair of shoes if you have a simple strapless dress with a tea-length or hi-low hem.


Don’t forget to have fun styling your strapless wedding dress. It’s great to experiment on which accessories to pair together. Just be sure to balance your pieces and check if they complement each other. 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable strapless bridal gown in Christchurch, Wilkins Bridal is the designer for you. We have a wide range of styles—from traditional to contemporary wedding dresses. Contact us now to find your dream wedding dress!

Bespoke Wedding Dresses Without Breaking the Budget

bridal dresses

Getting married is an important occasion, and more often than not, many brides hope to walk down the aisle wearing a wedding dress that exemplifies their personality. Brides-to-be naturally spend hours on end pinning down wedding gown inspirations from Pinterest, but after scouring wedding boutiques and finding that you’re unhappy with the off-the-rack selections, it’s worth ordering a customized dress to get the look you love. 

No one wants to say “I do” in a wedding gown that does nothing to boost their confidence; that’s why going bespoke opens up opportunities to explore your style and wear a gown that perfectly complements your uniqueness. Personalizing wedding dresses gives you more flexibility, but don’t worry, you also don’t have to break the bank for the sake of getting hitched in style. 

How to Maximize Your Bespoke Wedding Dress Experience 

Tip #1: Look Around Shops and Try on Dresses

It seems pointless to try on wedding dresses from different stores in your area when you’re going for made-to-order pieces, but doing this can give you a better idea of what silhouettes suit you the most. 

You may want to go for a sleek, strapless A-line dress, but going for a princess-style gown may surprisingly look more elegant on you. Whatever style accentuates your features, slipping on different wedding dresses can help you express exactly what you want to achieve when it’s time to finally consult with your designer. 

Tip #2: Work with a Designer Who Understands Your Style 

You’ll be spending the next few months with your designer as you go through meetings and dress trials, so it’s important to choose a designer who knows your style to the letter. After all, different designers also have unique strengths, so it’s better to partner with a professional who can match your aesthetics and produce silhouettes that elevate your looks. 

Tip #3: Set a Budget Early as Possible 

Going for bespoke wedding gowns can be cost-effective or costlier, but you don’t need to make sacrifices you’re not happy with so long as you share your budget with your designer. They have the expertise to cut expenses without compromising your style, incorporating cheaper alternatives such as polyester instead of silk to drop the price tag while achieving the same look, feel, and flow of the gown. 

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of Your Custom Wedding Dress Journey 

All brides-to-be have a vision of what they want to look like when walking down the aisle, and whether you’re going for a glamorous look, a chic style, or something simple yet sensible, going for bespoke wedding dresses make it possible to wear the gown of your fantasies. 

Are You Looking for the Bespoke Wedding Dress of Your Dreams?

No one captures your fashion sense and personality better than Wilkins Bridal as we strive to design a line of bridal dresses using the most elegant and high-quality fabrics. 

Our craftsmanship aims to enhance your beauty using intricate embroidery to bring out the details that make every wedding dress unique, so check out our extensive selection to see whether you find something that makes you say, “I do.” Book an appointment with us today!

Kimberley Van Plateringen

BRIDE: Kimberley Van Plateringen

WEDDING DATE:  13th March 2021

WEDDING VENUE: Appleby House, Rabbit Island ,Nelson



My experience at Wilkins Bridal: All the ladies at Wilkins were just brilliant to deal with and made choosing my bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses a stress free , fun and very enjoyable experience. The added factor Being an out of towner and having to travel for my appointments was never a problem thanks to Aprils great communication.

Jenny-Lea was in charge of my bridesmaids, she quickly narrowed down to a few options which fitted both my vision and also the needs of my varying in height and shape bridesmaids.

My bridal consult was with Jude, Im usually a very indecisive person (mum was fearful this was going to be a long process with multiple visits) however Jude listened to me, looked at my body shape and was straight into pulling off the rack, her knowledge of the extensive range of gowns available was incredible, she made me feel totally comfortable and confident in giving my honest opinion on how I was feeling. Before long I had found “The One” which funnily enough wasn’t even remotely on my radar but trust in the process, do as you are told because Jude knows best and it was one of the easiest decisions to make.

My gown arrived and Jenny- Lea took care of both mine and the Bridesmaids minor alterations, the fit on everyone was perfect – how fantastic to have the service in house!

Thanks again to all the ladies (& louis Vuitton) at Wilkins for your input into making me feel phenomenal on my big day it is truly appreciated and I have not stopped recommending you to fellow brides to be! Xx


Kendra Ficks

BRIDE: Kendra Ficks

WEDDING DATE: Sunday 27th November 2021

WEDDING VENUE: Waipuna Estate

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Orion Chau Photography and Ira Redepenning (Dream Gear Photography)


My experience with Wilkins Bridal was nothing short of an answer to prayer. As a plus-size bride, I was terrified of stepping into a bridal shop. After looking at a few bridal websites online, it was clear that my body didn’t fit the typical ‘bridal’ image. I was also worried that no shop would have anything that I could actually try on, so I was just going to pick a cheap dress online. I thought that the moment that every girl dreams of where they say “Yes to the Dress” just wasn’t going to happen for me. That was until my bridesmaids organised a surprise bridal consultation at Wilkins Bridal. I had no idea until we stepped into the beautiful shop what was going on!


April made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. She assured me that they had a range of dresses that I could try on and that they were able to work within my budget. After trying on at least six different styles, I had my “yes to the dress” moment. It was an overwhelming feeling and I was so grateful for how kind and professional April was throughout the whole appointment.


The next step was to begin the alterations. I wanted some pretty sleeves put on the strapless dress I had chosen and I had dreams about a big pink bow at the back. Jenny-Lea got my vision from the very beginning. She understood that there were areas of my body that I wanted to highlight and others I didn’t and she encouraged me to see myself as the beautiful bride I was. Jenny-Lea’s sewing proficiency and ability to bring an idea to fruition made the whole process so comfortable and easy.


From that first nervous step through the door, to the last step out of the shop with my beautiful dress, April and Jenny-Lea were incredible. I can’t thank both of them enough for the glow that I carried with me on my special day.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress Fabric for You

bridal gowns christchurch

Many already have an idea of the design for their dream wedding dress in mind. However, it is important to actually think about its construction.

Whether you’re buying a gown or having it made, the fabric will determine the structure and fit that you will be able to achieve. 

If you’re looking at wedding gowns and you’re not sure which fabric suits your style best, read up on the most popular fabrics and why they might be the one for you:


Silk is the classic choice for a wedding dress because it creates an elevated look. There are so many different styles and weaving that change how silk falls, but the most popular are charmeuse, faille, and mikado. 

If you’re looking for a draping fabric that has a glossy finish, charmeuse is the way to go. Timeless silhouettes like the column and slip dress will work well for this. Faille and mikado have a more constructed form, which makes them a little more forgiving in terms of maintenance. 

Mikado has more sheen and thickness than faille, which makes it a favourite for a-line bridal dresses. Meanwhile, faille has a fine-ribbed texture that adds dimension and is easy for draping.


Satin is traditional, but it is also versatile. It is good to note that it is not so much a type of fabric but a finish. Silk satin is the most breathable, while polyester is the least expensive to create (assuming the amount of material and form is the same). In general, satin is the most durable type of dress you can choose. It also works for varied shapes and sizes.

That said, it can also be prone to wrinkling, so you need to take care when handling the gown. 


This lightweight fabric is perfect for both flowy gowns and heavily layered ones. It’s also one of the fabrics that will require you to be more mindful of possible frays and tears because of how delicate it is. However, it creates an ethereal feel that is perfect for any gown’s top layer. Keep in mind that chiffon is also very sheer, so you will need to have multiple layers or a thicker base layer.


You may think lace is stiffer and better suited for slinky silhouettes only, but it’s actually more forgiving for fuller-figured bodies. It’s matte and doesn’t need to be cut diagonally across the grain, so it can cater to more shapes and won’t crease so easily. 

Lace is also perfect for brides that want more details in the design of their dress. Depending on how it’s trimmed and incorporated, it can work perfectly for both formal and boho weddings. Knit lace is great for contouring easily to your body, Venetian works for motif patterns and heavier coverage, embroidered allows for beading, and chantilly is a more open lace with a cordonnet border.  


Tulle is a wonderful fabric for a ball gown shape. It’s great at producing volume, so princess-style silhouettes look magical in this fabric. It is sheer and lightweight but just stiff enough to be netted and bunched up for that bigger layering. 

Alternatively, you can go for the less stiff organza. It’s still more rigid than chiffon but retains a lighter feel while providing more structure. Keep in mind that both tulle and organza are very delicate and prone to snags.


Every bride is different. The perfect fabric is the one that suits your preferences and themes. Once you’ve picked a fabric that suits your style, you can feel confident and simply bask in your big day.

Wilkins Bridal offers a gorgeous selection of bridal gowns in Christchurch, New Zealand. Whether you’re having a fun summer wedding or a chic winter bash, you can find the perfect dress tailored to fit you. Check out the latest arrivals now and book your first fitting.

The Impact of Different Colours on Wedding Dresses

Traditionally, brides wear white dresses, and it has always made sense because of what the colour represents. It also helps that white brings out the beauty of anyone who wears it and makes the bride stand out from everyone else on her wedding day. 

However, bridal gowns are also evolving just as themes for weddings do. It doesn’t matter if the bride is planning their wedding for months or years or they’re eloping with their beloved – non-traditional colours for wedding dresses are now a thing. 

If you’re considering going this route, you might want to consider what specific colours represent, though, so you’ll know if you’re choosing the right one for your wedding: 

Light Gold – Elegance and Wealth

This is a shade that is light in colour. It’s the colour of champagne and symbolizes elegance and wealth. It’s especially good for a beach wedding or if you’re going for a vintage look. It’s also a good choice if you’re planning to have a lot of greenery surrounding you.

Purple – Royalty and Power

This shade is a popular choice for wedding dresses for those who want to stand out. It symbolizes royalty and power and is an excellent colour for a more formal wedding, especially for a bride who wants to stand out from others during the ceremony. It’s a good choice if you’re planning a wedding in the spring.

Black – Elegance and Sophistication

Black is a great choice if you’re going for a classic and elegant look. It’s perfect for a formal wedding, especially if it’s at night. It also goes well with white and other shades of black, so you can mix and match the colours for your wedding.

Red – Power and Love

Red is a colour that symbolizes love – after all, red roses mean love. It also represents passion and power, which is why it’s a good choice for those who want to be the center of attention at their wedding. It’s also a good choice if planning a fall or winter wedding.

Pink – Femininity, Fun, and Innocence

This shade is bright and perfect for a spring wedding. It symbolizes femininity, fun, and innocence, which is why it’s ideal for a bride who wants to go for a whimsical look. It’s a good choice for those who don’t want to wear white, but it’s great to wear if you want something light in colour.

Yellow – Joy and Adventure

If you’re a bride who wants to go for something more summery, you might want to consider this colour. It symbolizes joy, which is why it’s perfect for a wedding that you’re going to enjoy. It symbolizes adventure, too, so it’s a good choice if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Does Color Matter?

It’s important to note that the colour of your wedding dress doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. You can wear anything you want as long as it makes you happy and fits you. However, if you’re the type who wants to stand out from everyone else, then going for a non-traditional colour is a good idea.


As you can see, the colour of your wedding gown is up to you. It’s perfectly fine to wear white or wear any colour you want to. The traditional white is still a good choice, especially if you want your wedding to be formal and elegant.

However, if you’re planning a wedding that will reflect who you are and what you want, then choosing a different colour is a good choice. You can select a shade of white or any other colour, as long as it makes you happy.

Wilkins Bridal is where you’ll find all the prettiest bridal gowns in Christchurch. We also have bridesmaid dresses and wedding accessories. Check out our collections today!




Your brides and their bridesmaids will be obsessed with the latest collection from Sorella Vita! From our NEW plush velvet fabric and fashion-forward styles to the stunning new colors, this gorgeous collection gives brides endless ways to create one-of-a-kind looks that wow.  

Brides will absolutely adore our new, luxurious velvet fabric. Designed with a hint of stretch and lined with jersey, our velvet dresses flatter every bridesmaids move down the aisle and on the dance floor.  

The soft velvet styles are available in 10 rich shades and a variety of silhouettes so everyone in the bridal party will feel (and look!) fabulous.   

And, let’s not forget the new stunning chiffon styles from the latest collection! In addition to the new silhouettes, there are also four to-die-for colors: Windsor Blue, Plum, Linen and Pebble — which are perfect for mixing and matching.  

Take a look at a few of our favorite styles from the new Sorella Vita collection! 

Discover the Velvet Obsession  

Lexi McKay

WEDDING DATE: 21st Nov 2020
WEDDING VENUE: The Woolshed, Tipapa Estate, Greta Valley
PHOTOGRAPHER: Claudia Pyke Photography

“Wilkins Bridal are far more than a store that sells bridal wear, they are truly passionate about making your day as perfect as possible. I knew from the moment I walked in the store that this was the place for me. From the warm welcome, to the drop dead beautiful gowns and the ability from the staff to select the best dress for your figure. I tried on 6 dresses and no joke the dress I chose was the first one I tried on. I turned to Jude and said “I think this is the one” she looked and said “I think you’re right”. When I put it on I felt a million and one bucks. It truly felt like it was made for me. I instantly felt beautiful and confident and could in-vision myself walking up the isle on my wedding day. No other dress I tried on even compared. What an incredible skill and talent to look at someone as they walk in the store and instantly know what will suit their body type. My mum and sisters were there and pulled out many beautiful, full bodied gowns. However Jude stated to them they were not the gowns for me and she was so right. April, Jude and Jenny are the most talented, fun-loving and professional bridal wear assistants I could’ve ever asked for when organising my big day. Jenny made my mum’s, grandma’s and sister’s bridesmaid dresses. I’ve never felt so relaxed and taken care of when organising my wedding day. Wilkins bridal took the stress out of choosing the perfect dress. I can honestly say you are in the best hands with the Wilkins Bridal team. I felt the best I have felt in my whole life on my wedding day and a big part of that was wearing the perfect gown. All thanks to Wilkins bridal.”

Holly Barber

WEDDING DATE: 21st Nov 2020
WEDDING VENUE: Rossendale Vineyard
PHOTOGRAPHER: Krystal Photography

‘I had the most amazing experience with Wilkins Bridal. I had been into the shop a couple of time with my family and tried on several dresses. Each time the team were so welcoming and helpful. April and Jude were amazing at helping me find the dress that suited me and that I fell in love with. They were both so knowledgeable about styles and what would suit me. I ended up buying my perfect dress on one of their sale days in 2020. I went in on the day with a dress in mind that I had previously tried on but ended up falling in love with a completely different dress and taking that home instead! Nothing was a problem for the team at Wilkins. I was able to come back and try on my dress with different veils to get the right fit and Jenny did a great job with my alterations and made my dress fit perfectly. On the day of my wedding it all came together perfectly and I received so many compliments on my dress and how well suited to me it was. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience, highly recommend!’


Amy Perrem

WEDDING DATE: 27th March 2021
WEDDING VENUE: Trent’s Estate

“My experience with Wilkins was nothing short of amazing, from my first appointment (along with 5 of my support crew) with Jude until the day I picked up my gown I felt well looked after. I was very impressed with their range and * knew the right ones to hand me to try on. April kept me updated on the ETA of my gown, her communication and care meant that the whole process was quite relaxing!”

Rules on Accessorising Your Wedding Dress

wedding accessories

With your wedding day drawing near, you probably have already found your wedding dress. But have you chosen your accessories yet? Remember that the wrong accessories can mess up your entire look, so you want to be sure you get this right. 

To help you out, here are some rules to follow when choosing accessories for your wedding day: 

Do Not Overdo It

Wedding accessories are supposed to complement your overall look and are there to add that extra oomph to your appearance, not to make you look like a Christmas tree. You do not want to look like you are wearing too much.

Make sure that you are the star of the day and the dress and accessories are only there to supplement your wedding look.

Consider Your Headpiece or Veil

Make sure that your accessories match your headpiece or veil. The last thing you want is your headpiece to look like something that does not belong with your dress or vice versa.

If you have a veil, it is okay to make it the focal point of your look. It would be best if you looked for a veil that complements your dress and the colours of your wedding. Also, make sure that it does not cover your face.

Think About the Neckline of Your Dress

If you are wearing a strapless dress, your accessories should not cover your neck. You want to be able to show off your shoulders, your neck, and the top part of your back to your guests.

If you have a bareback wedding dress, you need to wear a necklace and earrings that are not too heavy. Make sure that your earrings are not too long so that they don’t drag your face down. 

Match Your Dress’ Shade

The key to looking good is choosing accessories that match your dress. So make sure that your accessories do not overpower your dress or clash against it.

There are different ways on how you can match your accessories. You can match the hue, match the colour exactly, or match the overall tone.

Make Sure They’re Comfortable

If you have decided to wear a crown, make sure that you will be able to wear it for a long time without getting tired.

You may have chosen the most beautiful veil in the world, but if it keeps blowing in your face all the time, you will be frustrated. You do not want your accessories to be a distraction to yourself or your guests.

There is no point in having beautiful accessories if they do not feel right on your skin. You do not want to look like you cannot wait to take them off.

So make sure that your accessories are comfortable to wear and are not heavy. You don’t want to look like your earrings are about to drag your head down.


Your wedding day is probably the best day of your life, so you want everything to be perfect. And for that to happen, it is important that you choose your accessories correctly.

When choosing your accessories for your wedding, make sure that you follow these rules. You do not want to look like you are trying too hard. You want to complement your dress and still stand out. So be careful when choosing your accessories and you will look great on your wedding day!

For wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and wedding accessories in Christchurch, Wilkins Bridal has your back. Check out our amazing collections today and find everything you need to make your wedding magical!





A Designer Preview Weekend, simply put, is the Ultimate Personal Bridal Shopping Experience. During the three-day event, WILKINS BRIDAL will showcase the newest wedding dresses from our Favorite Designers’ yet to be released Collections ! In This Case It Is The STUNNING STELLA YORK COLLECTION


This means you get to try on and purchase a wedding dress before other brides around the world ! You are also able to give your feedback on the dresses you try on, direct to members of the Design Team- you get to have a hand in helping to finalize the collection.



Similar to our dresses in store, these wedding gowns will range from $1,500- $3,000 depending on the designer. You only need to pay a 50% deposit in order to secure your perfect dress on the day and we will be offering a DESIGNER WEEKEND DISCOUNT OF 15% Off.



Our Designer Preview Weekend is for brides getting married on or after 1st March 2022, if you are having your wedding earlier, note that we still have a extensive fabulous range of other collections that can be here in time for your big day.



Yes You Do !!!! Our Designer Preview Weekends are a popular event and we book up, so visit our website to schedule your appointment now ! Alternatively, you can give us a call on 03 3778595



In order to respect the integrity of the design, the designers ask that no pictures are taken. If you purchase your gown during the event, you are welcome to take a picture of you in YOUR DRESS !



Wilkins Bridal allows up to 4 guests with our brides at any appointment. Choose the people whose positive energy and caring opinions are going to help you find your DREAM DRESS with joy. You will also have a dedicated Stylist to support and guide you on your Wedding Dress Journey.



Our fabulous preview gowns are here strictly for the duration of the three-day event only! Orders must be placed during this time period in order to secure your Dream Gown for your big day with 15% Discount. You can order these gowns at a later stage once they become officially part of the Collections.



In order to secure your Dream Dress from our Designer Preview Weekend, a 50% deposit must be made at the time of ordering



As these are the designer’s initial designs and samples, all Designer Preview Weekend sample gowns will be in a size 12. Our stylists are experts at clipping and pinning to ensure a great fit. Dresses can be ordered in Sizes 7-22.


Which brands will be showcased during the Designer Preview Weekend?

We will have a large range of gowns from Stella York, Essense of Australia, All Who Wander, Martina Liana, and even Martina Liana Luxe at different weekends.


If I book in an appointment during Designer Preview Weekend, am I still able to view other Wilkins Bridal Ranges?

Of course! Your consultant will give you the full Wilkins Bridal service experience, and you will be able to view and try on gowns throughout our entire store – whatever it takes for you to have your YES moment!


We can’t wait to see you!

A few helpful wedding day tips for the bride!

There is so much to learn and take in when planning and preparing for a wedding and it is so easy to forget the simple things, like practicality and your comfort on the day! Here are a few helpful wedding day tips for the brides to be out there to help your day run as smoothly as possible!

1. Baby Powder. Now this especially applies to the Australian and tropical destination weddings as it tends to be hot! A sprinkle of powder on the inner thighs before the dress is on helps prevent unwelcome chaffing and makes for nicer honeymoon legs!

2. Overnight Bag. Sounds so simple but it is often overlooked by brides. A good idea is for you or someone you know to drop off an overnight bag to your hotel room to make sure you don’t have to walk out of the hotel the next day in your wedding dress!!

3. Survival Clutch. A nice idea is to share a clutch with your maid of honour so that you both have access to it. In this clutch should be all the essentials to cover every situation for example lipstick, bobby pins, safety pins, comb, mints, wet ones, energy bar, band aids etc.

4. Water. Copious amounts of water is so important on the day. Although it does mean you will need the assistance of your bridesmaids to go to the toilet many times that day, it also means you keep hydrated. Your wedding dress can make you very hot making hydration necessary! Hydration also helps for all those extra glasses of champagne you fit in on the day! Plus it keeps your lips from cracking making your lipstick last longer!

Most importantly on the day….have fun and try and soak in every moment. Make sure you have a couple of moments throughout the day where you and your new husband can actually talk, have a cuddle and soak in the days festivities together.

Shopping For A Bridesmaid Dress That You’ll Love

Weddings are an amazing moment in any bride’s life, made better by enjoying it with her closest girls. There’s a lot of love when it comes to bridesmaids; there’s also plenty to consider. Here are some tips as you go shopping for bridesmaid dresses that you’ll love to see on your girls:

Choose a Beautiful Fabric that Will Last

While lace, tulle and satin are some of the most popular bridesmaid dress fabrics, they can also be the most expensive. If you want to stick with the standard materials, there are plenty of ways to keep the costs down and get a gorgeous dress in the process. Whichever way you go, it would be great to get a dress that can be repurposed for other events.

Coordinate Bridesmaid Dresses with the Groom and Wedding Party

Whether you’re trying to nail both the men’s and women’s looks or create a uniform effect for the entire wedding party, you’ll want to find a gown or tux style that will work for everyone. For a very casual wedding, consider a pant-length bridesmaid dress.

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Wedding Dress (And Yourself)

Even if you’re having a small ceremony, you’ll have a sizable chunk of your wedding party to dress. You can’t afford to haggle over every one of those dresses, but you don’t want to totally overlook your own tastes either. 

Get Their Measurements

Yes, some women are self-deprecating and think they are bigger than they really are. So before you begin shopping, ask each friend to send their measurements. Do not make any bridesmaid dress decisions based on what a friend says about her size. You will be able to get a better picture of what works for your particular group when given the real numbers. It’s better to be pleasantly surprised than to accidentally exclude someone or put them in something that isn’t going to look good on them.

Know What They Want

Bridesmaid dress shopping is part science, part art—part for you and part for your friends who will be wearing the dresses. Before you even begin shopping, take the time to talk to your girls about what they do and don’t like.

You may have an idea of what you want, but until you know what your girls want, you might be wasting your time (and theirs!) trying to sell them on ideas that don’t appeal to them. If a friend is particularly fashion-forward, she may have ideas of her own that she would love to share with you.

Start Early

Consider this a rule of thumb: Start the bridal party dress shopping process no earlier than three months before the wedding (and count on 3-6 months of lead time for alterations). The timeline for ordering a dress can vary greatly, and it’s hard to predict when a true contender will come along or an order will need to be placed. Giving each bridesmaid plenty of time to decide also gives you and your budget time to handle any unexpected costs, like shipping costs and rush orders.


Getting married is a beautiful moment that everyone deserves to celebrate in style. Shop for bridesmaid dresses with no worries by keeping crucial tips in mind. This includes starting early, getting their measurements and taking into consideration their preferences.

If it’s a bridesmaid dress you need, Wilkins Bridal in Christchurch has it! We have a wide range of gowns designed in a variety of styles. Take your pick from our sensational silks, luxurious satins and flowing chiffons. Shop with us today!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is  a magical time and not one you get to do often! Sometimes it can be a bit daunting, especially the first appointment! To make it as special as possible you may want to come prepared. Below are a couple of tips for your bridal shopping.

For most wedding dresses, the consultant has to come into the change room with you and assist you getting into the dress. A strapless bra, nude coloured underwear and underwear you don’t mind being seen by your consultant are very helpful. Wearing stockings is a good idea if you aren’t comfortable in just your underwear.

Shoes similar to the height you plan to wear on the day helps so if you do find that one perfect dress when you are out, you can get measured for the height you will be on the day with your shoes, not your height when you are barefoot!

An open mind 🙂 On your first couple of appointments it is a really good idea to try on a couple of different styles, to help you eliminate styles you don’t like and narrow down to the ones you do. Just to make sure you don’t get buyers remorse and have a “What if I had tried on one of those princess cut gowns and loved it, now I will never know” moment. Having said that you do not want to try on hundreds of dresses and just confuse yourself!

If you are borrowing jewellery, a veil or any other accessory might be worth bringing that along to make sure it matches your dress.

Stay true to yourself! No matter friends, families and consultant’s opinions, as helpful as they are, you need to make sure when it comes down to the decision, that it truly is the dress for you that you fall in love with.

In the end don’t stress it, your bridal consultant’s are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible, they have seen it all, know what they are doing and truly enjoy helping you find the dress of your dreams 🙂