Rainbow Love – Benefits of Marriage Equality

In 2013, same-sex marriage was legalised in New Zealand. This allowed many loving couples to finally get the wedding of their dreams.

But aside from fulfilling their life-long dreams of tying the knot, what are the legal benefits that same-sex couples can now enjoy? Here are a few of them.

Their Marriage Is Legally Recognised in New Zealand

Historically, marriage was defined as a union between “one man and one woman.” This definition denied same-sex couples the legal right to marry. If they married elsewhere, their marriage was not recognized when they returned to New Zealand.

Imagine wanting to marry your loved one, only to find that your union means nothing in your own country. Amending the Marriage Act means that same-sex couples can get married anywhere, and it will be recognised and honoured in New Zealand. Those who married overseas before 2013 can now have their marriages acknowledged.

They Can Be Legal Parents to Their Child

According to New Zealand laws, if a married woman goes through IVF with her husband’s consent and becomes pregnant using IVF, then both of them are the child’s legal parent. However, if a same-sex couple uses the same process, often it is only the one giving birth or biological parent who is considered as the legal parent.

Being legally married gives same-sex couples legal parentage and guardianship to their child. Regardless of whether they physically gave birth or not, both are considered as their child’s parents.  

They Can Legally Adopt Children

Before signing on the adoption, the system considers a child’s best interest. Before 2013, New Zealand laws determined that having a couple of the opposite sex is the best scenario for kids. This made adopting difficult for same-sex couples.

However, after the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2013, the laws gradually changed. Amendments were made to the Adoption Law of 1955 that recognised the eligibility of same-sex couples to be adoptive parents.

Rights at the Event of a Death

Death is a part of life that no one can stop, but most people can prepare for. One way that people prepare for their passing is through last wills. However, in case a will is not found, same-sex couples would have to jump across more hurdles than those who are of the opposite sex.

In the past, if you were in a same-sex relationship and you passed away without a will, there was no assurance that your partner would receive any of your assets. They will also have a hard time challenging and contesting a will. All these issues are no longer an issue for people in a same-sex relationship.


Love is love. That is why the push towards marriage equality has been great. People should be allowed to love and express their love freely. Your sex, gender, and sexual orientation should not be a hindrance for you to find your happily ever after.

Same-sex couples are tolerated in New Zealand before 2013. But the passing of the 2013 Marriage Equality Act has paved the way for larger acceptance. Despite all the benefits that legally married same-sex spouses have, there are still some rights that are out of their reach. However, the future is still optimistic as changes continue to happen.

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Beautifully Bohemian – Choosing a Boho Dress For the Free Spirit

Free-spirited brides-to-be that dream of wearing a free-flowing gown that perfectly encapsulates one’s eclectic style while walking down the aisle—or in your case, a garden, the beach, or any nature-driven setting.

Women who want to share their love stories while showcasing their unconventional personalities would definitely express their unique outlook on life through a bohemian-style wedding dress, a style that represents carefreeness and a need to enjoy everything under the sun with wanton abandon. 

What is the Bohemian Style?

The bohemian style took inspiration from the free and easy nature of gypsies, which may have infamous traits, but the love for all things boho derives from their courage to lead a nomadic lifestyle. When you weave that stylistic movement into fashion, it creates an unconventional design that isn’t encumbered by traditions and the norms expected in society. 

Seeing as bohemians emphasise the importance of living outside the box, you can imagine how creative it would look when translated into fashion. When it comes to bohemian wedding gowns, you’ll notice a medley of different fashion muses as it produces a mix of retro-fueled patterns, bold colours, and a penchant for romantic design. 

What Makes a Bohemian Style?

If you’re wondering what qualities you need to consider when shopping for the ideal bohemian wedding dress, the list below explores some of the key characteristics that make a bohemian look! 

Factor #1: Lace 

Bohemian style is all about embracing femininity without restrictions, so what better way to add an understated elegance and old-world charm to your bohemian dress than lace accents? Many bohemian wedding gowns are made with full-lace designs, though others use lace to add a touch of softness to the bride’s special ensemble. 

Factor #2: Crochet 

If you’re on the lookout for dresses with elaborate, intricate patterns, then a crocheted gown is the perfect accent that can give your look an earthly-inspired aesthetic. It looks beautiful with its artistic craftsmanship, especially as it adds visually striking textures that can make your boho wedding gown more dynamic than ever. 

Factor #3: Vintage 

Bohemian style takes cues from the casual personality of the 70s era, so it’s not a surprise that most bohemian wedding dresses look like they’re a blast from the past. Whether you’re going for simplicity or sophistication, one thing is for sure: a bohemian dress offers timeless beauty that makes your vintage look just as vogue. 

The Bottom Line: The Beauty of Bohemian Style Wedding Dresses

As a bohemian bride at heart, it’s important to explore different wedding gowns that capture your free-spirited nature. While the guide above showcases the qualities that complete a bohemian look, its essence should be as carefree as your personality. 

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How to Shop for the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

plus size wedding dress

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding will always be a challenge for plus size brides. It’s trial and error when you’re hunting for the best wedding dress for your curves. Having a wide and inclusive selection to choose from can make things much easier, but it’s still a daunting task to finally select one.

Still, the show must go on. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can shop for the perfect plus size wedding dress that can fit you perfectly, just in time for you to say “I do”.

Show Up to Try the Clothes

Whether you’re going to a physical store or having different dresses shipped for you to try on, be sure to show up prepared. Wearing comfortable undergarments will be paramount for you to get through a dozen or more dresses.

Ideally, you should be wearing a strapless bra. If you’re trying on a dress that doesn’t have any stress, you can get a better understanding of how it would really look on your wedding day. Consider wearing your wedding shoes when trying out clothes to get the full meal deal.

Explore Different Styles

Being plus size entails having a bigger body, but there are still all sorts of shapes and sizes even within that spectrum. The same dress on a curvy hourglass figure may look different when worn by someone who’s more pear-shaped or oval-shaped. Try out different styles to figure out what looks good to you and what your preference is. 

Here are several popular wedding dress styles to choose from:

  • A-Line Gowns. A-line wedding dresses will look lovely on everybody, flattering just about any body shape or size. There’s so much variation in the sleeves and the detailing of the waistband too.
  • Corset Gowns. Corset gowns with a dropped waist can help accentuate the curves in your body. This kind of wedding dress is perfect for the plus-size bride who’s confident in their hips and the rest of their shape. 
  • Mermaid Gowns. Mermaid gowns or trumpet wedding gowns hug the figure, making plus-size brides accentuate their existing chest, waist and hip proportions. This can be flattering on figure eights and several other body shapes.
  • Ball Gowns. If you want to feel like a bit of a princess on your wedding night, ball gowns can be extra exciting. The design of the torso can look exemplary on your top half as the rest of the dress runs into a flowy train.

Consider Shapewear

Some brides may want to try wearing shapewear, both for shopping and their wedding day. Keep in mind that you may be sacrificing a bit of comfort for a better figure if you’re going to go with the Spanx. There are all kinds of wedding dresses to choose from that can look flawless on you regardless of shapewear, so just keep it as an option on the table.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Although wedding dress shopping isn’t an Olympic sport, it can still be quite tiring to go through. While you’re in the midst of trying on so many clothes, don’t forget to drink some water and take a breather. Rest your feet and stretch when you need to before trying a couple more and deciding what’s the perfect one. 


There is a method to shopping for the perfect plus size wedding dress, and these steps lay out everything you need to know when shopping. If you’re feeling a little crushed, just remember that you’re beautiful. Plus, there’s a lucky person who’s waiting to watch you walk down the aisle and marry you. 

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The Unbreakable Bond Between Bride and Bridesmaid

bridesmaid dresses

Searching for dresses you and your bridal party adore can make the shopping process exciting and tricky. Since it’s your wedding, the dresses should secure your approval, but it’s just as essential to pick out dresses that fit your friends’ tastes, budgets, and comfort levels. It’s also ideal to find dresses that they’ll be more than happy to wear again.

Ticking these off your to-do list may seem like a tall order, but it can certainly be done, especially if you work with top-tier wedding dressmakers that can point you in the right direction. Here are a few tips to help you shop for the perfect bridesmaid dress:

Choose Comfortable Dresses

Everyone has a different body type, which means a particular style will look good on one individual but not the other. Whether your wedding party consists of four people or fourteen, you’ll have to do the delicate dance of accommodating as many preferences as possible when shopping for the ideal bridesmaid dress. 

Still, it’s important to note these and make sure it appeals to as many of your bridesmaids as possible. You can even ask them to send some dress details they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in, barring colour preference. Once you have the information you need, find a reliable dressmaker that can customise the look of each dress by neckline, length, silhouette, and more.

Ensure They Complement Your Wedding Gown

While your bridesmaid dresses don’t need to match your wedding gown, it’s vital to make sure they complement each other and present a cohesive look. If your wedding gown is structured and modern, you wouldn’t want your bridal party to wear frilly dresses with tons of ribbon and lace. 

Consider Colour

One of the top considerations to make when shopping for a bridesmaid dress you’ll love is the colour. Many people opt for a classic hue like baby blue or a subtle pink, but others like to stand out more by choosing something trendier, like mustard yellow. Make sure to select a colour that fits your wedding palette and aesthetic, matches the season, and flatters your bridal party’s skin tones. Remember that you don’t need to stick to solid-coloured dresses, as colour blocks or floral prints do just as well. Alternatively, you can select a general colour scheme and leave it up to your bridesmaids to choose a dress they love within the criterion.

Account for Their Budgets

Weddings can be expensive, which is why it’s widely accepted for your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. However, this can also be a source of contention in the dress shopping process if you aren’t extra careful. Be honest about your expectations from the beginning and ask them to be transparent about what they can afford, which will help you keep your dresses within their price range.

Think of the Season, Venue, Time of Day, and Formality

It’s important to dress according to the season, so you and your wedding party feel as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, it would undoubtedly be difficult to enjoy one of the most memorable moments of your life if you or your bridesmaids are fussing with their dresses due to itchiness or general discomfort. To avoid this, you’ll need to consider your wedding date, time, venue, and formality.

Fall and winter weddings mean deeper jewel tones, thicker fabrics, and longer dresses. Spring and summer weddings call for comfortable, loose silhouettes, lighter colours, and breathable fabrics. You must also factor in the formality of your wedding and the time of day, as you wouldn’t want your bridal party to be decked out in sequins under the gleam of the high noon sun at the beach. 


Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is exhilarating since it’ll give you an accurate picture of what your wedding party will look like on the big day. However, it can be tough to account for different preferences and factors that may clash with each other. By following these tips, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect bridesmaid dress.

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Tips on Planning an Intimate Rustic Wedding

It can be challenging to narrow down your wedding theme options, especially with so much inspiration available. 

But if you’re looking for a unique theme, then you can never go wrong with rustic. It’s not only lovely and simple to style, but it also goes with any season, from chilly winter nights to sunny summer days. 

Are you planning to go for an intimate rustic wedding? Make sure to read the top suggestions for creating a Pinterest-worthy rustic wedding theme first! 

1. Incorporate Your Theme into Each of Your Elements

Keep your rustic wedding theme in mind while selecting all of the other elements of your wedding. Choose wildflowers, simple floral arrangements, or a lace-style cake. Don’t forget that your wedding accessories and clothing can also have a rustic feel to them. 

You can also choose a simpler dress style, such as lace, while your future husband can go for a less formal tweed suit.

2. Pick A Barn for Your Event

One of the most crucial aspects of the wedding planning process is selecting your wedding location. Choosing one that complements your wedding theme will make all the difference. 

With their neutral colour palettes, gorgeous locations, and natural feel, barns lend themselves nicely to the rustic motif for weddings in Christchurch. 

3. Keep The Furnishings as Natural as Possible

Rustic weddings have a natural and neutral colour palette, including browns, creams, and greens. You won’t have to fuss about chair coverings or tablecloths to complete your wedding decor. The rustic wedding design goes so much better with the natural beauty of excellent hardwood. If you want, you can use trestle tables with burlap or lace runners instead of the typical round table.

4. Make Homemade Favours for Your Guests

Because rustic weddings emphasise all things natural and handmade, why not incorporate this theme in your wedding favours as well? A common choice is jam jars packed with homemade jam, honey, or chocolates. For a winter wedding, a unique concept is serving up a cake or hot chocolate in a jar.

5. Serve More Casual Fare

There’s something about a rustic wedding that makes it feel more cosy, laid-back, and enjoyable. Instead of the usual three-course dinner, why not a hog roast or BBQ? You can serve your visitors a selection of home-baked classic cakes for dessert so that they can enjoy classic comfort cuisine.

6. Brighten Up the Place 

You can’t go wrong with fairy lights if you want to add some delicate, romantic illumination to your rustic wedding. They’re a terrific way to add some beauty to your surroundings, whether they’re hung as a background or from the ceiling.


Imagine how calm and carefree a rusting wedding will be. Finding what’s suitable for your style, the perfect day, and capturing a memorable moment is what your wedding is all about. 

It’s extensive work arranging a wedding, especially when trying to organise your dream rustic wedding. A wedding may be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but no amount of planning can keep things from going wrong. Make sure to maintain a cheerful attitude and take deep breaths! 

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What You Shouldn’t Do When Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

While your wedding gown should definitely be the highlight of dress shopping, one should not forget the importance of choosing the right bridesmaid dresses. You want to pick out bridesmaid dresses that go with your wedding’s theme while making your bridal party look great in the photos. And to achieve that, it’s best to avoid these common mistakes.

Failing to Research

The biggest mistake you can make when picking bridesmaid dresses is not doing your research first. If you haven’t done your research, you are not sure which style would be flattering on your bridesmaids. You might be ready to choose a style only to learn that your bridesmaids don’t look great in it.

Giving Your Bridesmaids Too Much Freedom to Choose

When you let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses, they can get all eccentric. The worst that can happen is you have bridesmaid dresses that don’t match with the rest of the wedding party.

This is one mistake that can easily be avoided by letting them choose between a few options. The more choices you give them, the harder it will be to get a consensus. The hard part is choosing the right style and colours.

Ignoring Your Bridesmaids’ Individual Styles

One of the biggest mistakes one can make when picking bridesmaid dresses is thinking that all of your bridesmaids have the same style. This is not true — they all have their own style. You can’t expect that all their dresses would look the same.

Let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses in a way that they can choose dresses that fit their unique styles instead of forcing them to get the same style.

Sticking to Just Dresses

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a dress. So why force them into one just for the sake of your wedding photos?

One sure way to make your wedding party look unattractive in the photos is to force them to wear dresses they don’t feel comfortable in. Instead, give them a choice to wear a dress or a pantsuit. This way, they will feel comfortable in whatever they wear.

Failing to Account for Length

If you want to make everyone in your wedding party look great in the photos, you have to remember to factor in the length of their dresses. If you choose a long dress, your shorter bridesmaids will look even shorter and vice versa.

It would be better if you let your bridesmaids choose their own length, so there’s no confusion when it comes to fittings.

Skipping the Fitting

Another mistake that one can easily avoid is skipping the fitting. You should have one fitting with all your bridesmaids, so they can all see each other in their dresses, and they can give feedback on what still needs to be changed.

It’s also your chance to see your maid of honour and bridesmaids in the same dress, so you can get a better idea about what looks good on them.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. The last thing you’d want to happen is to have your bridesmaids end up looking awkward in the photos. Avoid these common blunders, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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A Simple & Easy Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Veil

The veil is generally chosen by the bride during her engagement, as part of her wedding dress ensemble. Your veil should complement your dress without overshadowing it. If you want the perfect headpiece to complete your outfit on your special day, you’ll have to take a few things into consideration.

In this guide, we break down the key things you need to consider before getting the perfect wedding veil.

Setting Your Budget

The price of your veil will greatly depend on your budget and the role your veil will play in your ensemble. If you are the type of bride who wants to have an elaborate, glamorous wedding, it is safe to assume that you will spend more on your wedding veil, compared to the type of bride who wants an uncomplicated, casual wedding.

To keep the cost of your veil affordable, it is also important to remember that you will purchase other accessories to go with your veil, such as the comb, hair pins and veil clips. 

Complementing Your Hairstyle 

The choice of your veil should compliment your hairstyle. For example, if you have long, flowing hair, you can opt for a more dramatic veil. If you have shorter hair, you can opt for a simple veil with no embellishments.

You should also take into account the venue, season and the time of day. For example, if you have a spring wedding with a casual and lively atmosphere, you can opt for a more elaborate veil to make the ceremony more memorable. If you have a winter wedding with a more formal atmosphere, you can opt for a more demure veil.

Complementing Your Dress

When choosing your veil, it is important to ensure that the colour of your veil complements your wedding dress. Here are some prime examples:

1) Embellished Dresses

Dresses that have embellishments, such as pearls, lace and crystals are ideal for more elaborate veils. You can choose from various styles and lengths. This includes a cathedral veil, an elbow-length veil, a fingertip veil, or a face-framing veil.

2) Simple, Elegant Dresses

Elegant and classic dresses are ideal for a simple veil. You can choose from various styles and lengths. This includes a fingertip veil, a face-framing veil, a cathedral veil, or an elbow-length veil. If you want to go with a more modern twist, you can choose a semi-sheer or sheer veil.

3) Gowns With Long Trains

This is a common situation as it is a matter of balance. You do not want to overshadow your bridal gown with a veil that is too heavy, especially if you have a long train on your dress. 

A fingertip-length veil can be the perfect option to create balance. You can also opt for a semi-sheer or sheer veil or even for a cathedral veil.

4) Bohemian-Style Dresses

For a more bohemian wedding, you can choose a different type of veil that is more bohemian in nature and that complements your wedding dress. 

For example, you can opt for a sheer veil attached to a tiara or headband. You can even opt for a headband veil or a boho-inspired veil made of natural materials.


There are various styles and types of wedding veils available. The one that complements your dress and your hairstyle will be the best for your ceremony.

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Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Magical

Your wedding is one of your most special days, so you’ll want to make sure everything goes perfectly. You’ll also want your wedding to be unique to you and your spouse-to-be, giving your guests a taste of something different instead of being merely another wedding that resembles everything else they’ve attended.

For this reason, making your wedding day extra magical will not only make it more memorable for you but everyone involved. Here are some ways to make your wedding day even more special:

1. Go Beyond White

When people think of weddings, they usually imagine a regal, glowing bride in a beautiful white gown. In addition to this, most brides wear white everything, including their shoes and accessories. While many brides certainly look like a vision in white, there are other ways to look just as gorgeous by spicing up your wedding gown with different colours.

There are no rules that state that you must wear white to your wedding. If you want to try something different, consider wearing other colours, like pale pink, peach, green, or a lovely baby blue. If you feel comfortable in white, consider using different colours for your accessories. Your bridal look will undoubtedly stand out, and you’ll add a bit of magic along the way!

2. Opt for a Pale Bouquet

Every wedding has most of its focus on the bride. For this reason, you’ll want to go for a pale bouquet instead of one that is a little too bright or beautiful, as these blooms will take centre stage instead of you. The worst-case scenario is when people start complimenting your bouquet when they’re about to take photos of you and your spouse-to-be instead of how radiant you look!

To prevent your bouquet from competing with you, choose a pale bouquet instead. It can still be a charming assortment of blooms, but it’s best to choose one that doesn’t take all the attention that should rightfully be on you. You can also choose one whose colours match your accessories or shoes for a more cohesive look. 

3. Organise a Buffet

Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, and you’ll need to make sure you suit the dietary restrictions of all your guests. Once you have a list of people who have confirmed their attendance, organise a buffet that can accommodate different diets, like vegetarian, vegan, egg-free, and dairy-free. 

You’ll need the help of the best wedding caterers to get this done, but it will certainly be the effort, as many people love to talk about how delicious the food was at a wedding! Be sure to choose caterers that know how to decorate dishes in an attractive, unforgettable way to add more magic to your celebration.

4. Sync Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Your bridesmaid will constantly surround you during the actual wedding, which is why the dress they wear is just as important as your own. Your bridesmaids’ dresses must be in sync with the wedding’s overall theme and set-up, giving a more comprehensive look that adds more beauty to your wedding. You can have them wear different shades of the same colour, wear the exact hue, or anything else that complements the theme.


Your wedding day is an exciting, unforgettable moment you’ll want to treasure forever. By following these tips, you’ll make it even more magical, especially with a gorgeous wedding gown that is uniquely yours.

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for Yourself

Not all wedding dresses are created equal. But to make the best decision, you need to consider many aspects, not just how it looks on you. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Find Styles that You Like

There are so many different wedding dress styles out there that it can be a little overwhelming. Wedding dresses can be straight, A-line, princess, ball gown and many other styles.

When you start looking around at wedding dresses, you’ll find that not every style is right for you. Start by deciding on the type of wedding dress that you like.

Do you want a strapless wedding dress? Do you want sleeves? Short sleeves or long sleeves? Do you want an A-line wedding dress or a princess wedding dress? Once you know that, start looking at wedding dresses based on your likes.

Bring Proper Undergarments

Make sure you bring the right undergarments when you try on wedding dresses.

If you wear the wrong undergarments, it can throw off the look of the dress, or maybe it will even make you look uncomfortable. Different styles of wedding dresses require different undergarments, so make sure you read the instructions before you go to try on wedding dresses.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is your wedding day; you should wear a wedding dress that makes you feel really good.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. If you want to try something a little bit different, go for it. Look at different wedding dress styles and see what catches your eye. And if you like it, go for it!

Know Your Body Type

You also need to know your body type. Do you have a long torso? Are you pear-shaped? What’s your body type? 

Before you start shopping around, you need to know what kind of body type you are. If you go into the wedding dress shopping experience knowing your body type, it will make it much easier for you to find wedding dresses that fit you the best.

A seamstress can also help you with any alterations that you may want. Don’t be afraid to take your dress to a seamstress to have something altered and fit perfectly.

Pay Attention to the Details

Don’t just look at the wedding dress in a vacuum; you need to look at all the details. What about the colour? The style? The neckline? The sleeves? The train?

Think about all the details in the wedding dress and make sure that they are exactly what you want.

Know Your Budget

You also need to know your budget. How much money can you spend on a wedding dress? And what’s the least amount you can pay?

Go to different stores, look at different wedding dress styles and see what they cost. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what you can get for your money. Shopping online is also a great option.


In the end, your wedding dress is a reflection of you. So make sure that you take the time to choose a wedding dress that you’ll love for the rest of your life. Enjoy the process of choosing the perfect wedding dress and have fun trying on all the different styles.

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A Simple Checklist for Storing Your Dress Before the Wedding

There are many dresses to choose from and keep for the wedding day, from what the bridesmaids wear during the ceremony to the main gorgeous white dress that the bride will don as they walk down the aisle. If you haven’t selected which special pieces you will get and wear, it’s best to prioritise that task first before panicking about anything else.

However, when you finally get all the dresses sorted out, storage before the big special day is definitely something to worry about. Many of these gowns are quite vulnerable to dirt and damage, which must be avoided at all costs.

Continue reading for a simple checklist of duties for storing wedding dresses:

1) Consider the Detailing

Begin by assessing which parts of the dress need special care. When you know why the dress needs special care, this will help you make the right decision about which storage bag you will use for the dress and where you’ll place it.

A simple wedding dress with no intricate details or no sleeves at all will be a lot easier to protect. If it’s a special gown, such as a long-sleeved wedding dress with intricate details and embroidery on the bodice, sleeves and other parts, you have to keep it safe.

2) Talk to Your Dress Suppliers

Your dress suppliers will tell you how to best store your dress to keep it in good condition and prolong its durability. Surely, they can give a few hints on how to safely store and protect the wedding dresses before the big day.

If you’re planning to keep the dress for a long time, you may want to use vacuum packing for it. There are also various storage solutions for those who need to keep their dress for a long period of time. Consult the experts beforehand, though.

3) Note the Humidity and Temperature

Keep the humidity and temperature levels in check. Storing your dress in a high-humidity environment can damage even the most expensive wedding gowns. If you place it in a place where the temperature is too cold, there’s a great chance the dress will get damaged.

Try to keep the dress in a climate-controlled room as much as possible. In case the temperature is too much, you can use a dehumidifier to keep the air dry and cool to keep the dress’s fabric in pristine condition.

4) Think of the Time and Schedule

Aside from all the other indicators to keep your dress in good condition, you also have to think about the time and schedule. If you don’t have your dress and bridesmaid dresses for the wedding, don’t wait until the last minute to find a place to store it.

Generally, it’s best to start looking for dresses at least three months before that special date on the calendar. Figure out the right time to store the clothing afterwards to avoid stuffing the dress too early or late.


Be as prompt as you can when it comes to storing your wedding dresses. Taking the right precautions to protect the dress properly will ensure that your wedding dresses will be in good condition on that special day.

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A Primer on Determining Your Bridal Style

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, most brides are unfamiliar with the confusing world of wedding fashion. If you want to choose the right gown for your wedding day, it’s best to learn about dress styles and find out what’s in season. This blog post will shed light on everything you need to know about choosing a wedding dress and style.

Different Wedding Dress Silhouettes

When it comes to a wedding dress, you have many options. Here are some of the most common wedding dress silhouettes available for you to choose from.

1 – Straight

Straight wedding dress silhouettes feature a straight cut or fall just below or on the knee. The straight cut is very simple and versatile. The straight cut is a great choice for a bride who wants a classic and timeless look. If you want to add some flare to your dress, you can go for a lace upper straight dress.

2 – Mermaid

The mermaid wedding dress silhouette is very popular. The mermaid silhouette is a dress that hugs the body from the bust to the hips. The mermaid cut can be short or go all the way down to the floor. The mermaid cut will complement most body shapes. The mermaid cut can be created from many different fabrics, from silk satin to rich lace.

3 – A-Line

An A-line wedding dress is also very popular. The A-line cut is one of the most popular cuts on the market. The A-line cut is very flattering, as it hugs the body at the waist and flares out at the bottom. The A-line cut can be used for many different styles of wedding dresses. For example, you can get a strapless A-line wedding dress for a wedding that is classy and timeless. For a more modern feel, you can get a mermaid wedding dress with an A-line cut.

4 – Tulle Ball Gown

The tulle ball gown wedding dress is also a very popular silhouette. When it comes to wedding dresses, the ball gown is a very feminine choice. The tulle ball gown silhouette is usually very full, with many layers. The ball gown is ideal for a bride who wants the focus to be on her bridal gown.

5 – Fit and Flare

The fit and flare wedding dress silhouette hug the body at the waist before flowing out at the bottom. Like the A-line cut, the fit and flare is very versatile wedding dress silhouette. You can get a fit and flare wedding dress with sleeves or without, a ball gown or lace fit and flare gown.


When it comes to choosing your wedding dress, there are many different styles to choose from. The most important thing when choosing a wedding dress is to feel beautiful on your wedding day. When you find the right wedding dress, you’ll know right away. The wedding dress will be the perfect fit and style for the big day.

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Tips on Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

It is perhaps every bride’s dream to look their best on their wedding day. However, many bridal shops lack inclusivity, which could mean fewer options for plus-size brides. But there’s absolutely no reason to force yourself to fit into a tight dress. You just need to know where to find the perfect plus-size wedding dress for your special day. And here are some tips that may help you.

1. Save Time by Researching Which Stores Sell Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

One of the biggest problems plus-size brides face is that most bridal shops don’t carry plus-size wedding dresses. As a result, many plus-size brides end up at malls or chain stores–where you’ll find a lot of samples. Therefore, if you want to find the perfect plus-size wedding dress, you need to do some research. And you can start by searching online for plus-size wedding dress shops in your area. 

By researching in advance, you save yourself the stress and hassle of turning up to a bridal shop only to find out they don’t have any dresses in your size. At least when you do it online, you can quickly move on to the next store and look at your options.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Directly Reach Out to Bridal Shops

Even though there’s a lack of positive representation of plus-size brides in the media, there are still a lot of plus-size women getting married. Therefore, the majority of the time, you’ll be able to find a shop that sells plus-size dresses.

However, what many women don’t realize is that they also have the choice to directly reach out to the bridal shop. Doing so allows you to get a better idea of what they have in terms of plus-size wedding dresses. It also gives you the opportunity to ask for more information about the dress. After all, you don’t want to be limited to a size that the shop has in stock.

3. Only Bring Trusted And Supportive People to Your Appointment

As a plus-size bride, you should never feel uncomfortable at your bridal appointment. Therefore, you should only bring trusted and supportive people with you to your appointment.

Plus-size brides are often the victims of body shaming from friends and family. Some people in your circle may suggest you do a crash diet just to fit into a dress. Or perhaps they will try to talk you into a more ‘petite’ style, which isn’t always suitable for plus-size brides. While they may not have ill intentions, there’s no room for this negativity during your appointment.

As a result, you should protect yourself from the most negative elements by only bringing people who you know will support you. You should also make your opinions and views clear. And you should let everyone know that you’re not willing to put up with any body shaming or negativity.

It’s your special day, so you should do whatever you need to make sure you’re happy, comfortable, and confident.

Final Thoughts

Ladies, the biggest lesson to take away from the above is that you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel inadequate. If a store doesn’t have any dresses in your size, then you shouldn’t let that discourage you. There are still ways to find a plus-size wedding dress that will make you feel happy and comfortable. And you should never sacrifice your health and comfort just to meet the standards of the bridal community.

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Professional Hand Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning a Wedding Dress

One of the most significant advantages of having your wedding dress professionally cleaned is that it gets cleaned around the edges and seams, where stains accumulate. Even if you clean it yourself, colours will still get on your dress. Hand washing ensures that your dress doesn’t get stained. It’s a delicate process done by hand, so it doesn’t get damaged even when the colour transfers to the wedding dress.

Your wedding dress is then air-dried to avoid damage. Air dry your wedding gown instead of machine washing it; this will preserve the integrity of the fabric so that it doesn’t become discoloured with use over time.

Treating your wedding gown to professional cleaning also lasts for many years to come. It’s a delicate process done by hand, so it doesn’t get damaged even when the colour transfers to the wedding dress.

Today, let’s explore the difference between professional hand cleaning versus dry cleaning your wedding dress.

Here’s what you need to know:

Professional Hand Cleaning a Wedding Dress

If you love your wedding gown, you’ll want to look just as beautiful as the day you wore it. However, that’s not always a given. After all, you’re probably planning to wear your wedding dress again for your next anniversary. You’ll want it to look as beautiful as it did on your wedding day. If you’re going to keep your dress looking its best for years to come, it needs to be cleaned professionally.

Professional hand washing is a delicate process done by hand to avoid getting stained or damaged. It’s a process tailored to your specific wedding dress, so it’s done precisely the way you want. Professional hand washing allows your gown to maintain its colour and integrity, so you can wear it repeatedly in the years to come.

Dry Cleaning a Wedding Dress

Dry cleaning is a process done to preserve your wedding dress’s integrity. It’s done by professional dry cleaners that have been trained to clean wedding dresses. If you’re going to wear your dress more than once, dry cleaning is a good option. If you want to preserve the integrity of your dress for years to come, dry cleaning is the way to go.

However, dry cleaning poses some threats to your wedding dress’s integrity. Professional dry cleaners use harsh chemicals on fabrics so that the material may become discoloured with use. Dry cleaners can ruin the integrity of the fabric, so it’s not an ideal option.

Which is Better?

If you love your wedding gown and want to preserve it for years to come, it’s crucial to find a professional dry cleaner. If you’re going to wear it repeatedly, dry cleaning is a good option. If you want to preserve the integrity of your wedding dress, have it professionally dry cleaned. It’s a delicate process done by hand, avoiding damage and tending your wedding dress.

Keep in mind that dry cleaning might be good if your wedding gown is made of a delicate fabric. If not, you don’t want to dry clean your wedding dress. If your dress is a heavier fabric and you want to preserve its integrity for years, dry cleaning is the best option. If you want your dress to stay new for years to come, you want to hand clean it.

The Bottom Line

Hand washing your dress is a delicate process done by hand, so it doesn’t get damaged even when the colour transfers to the wedding dress. It’s a delicate process done by hand, so it doesn’t get damaged even when the colour transfers to the wedding dress.

There are professional dry cleaners that are trained to clean wedding dresses. These experts can take care of your wedding dress, allowing you to wear it for many years. If you want to preserve the integrity of your dress for years to come, dry cleaning is the way to go.

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Things You Can Do to Save Money for Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding is an important moment in your life, but admittedly, it can be quite an expense. If you are on a budget, you can still make it a momentous occasion in your life. There are cost-effective ways to shop for your wedding needs.

For instance, as you go through wedding dresses, there are options you can do to save on some costs.

1. Buy a Used Wedding Gown

If you want to save on some costs involved with your wedding, you can buy a used gown. It can be a great choice because since it has already been used and someone has likely worn the gown, you can get a beautiful gown at an affordable price. While used gowns can be a good choice, it is essential to ensure that the gown you buy is in good condition.

2. Hunt for Good Finds in Vintage or Thrift Stores

If you want to get a unique dress, you can shop in a thrift or vintage store. You can quite likely get a gorgeous gown much cheaper in one of these stores. You should also find a stylish dress without spending a fortune.

3. Purchase a Sample Wedding Dress

Sample dresses may also be pricey, and it may be challenging to get your hands on one, but it can be much cheaper than a new one. If you really want a new dress, you can ask if you can purchase a sample dress at a discounted price.

4. Alter Your Mother’s Wedding Gown

You can save some money on your dress by asking your mother if you can wear her old wedding dress. You can often get a beautiful dress already tailored to fit you. However, you will have to hire a seamstress to alter the dress to your specific measurements.

5. Make Your Own Wedding Gown

While this may be an extreme measure, you can make your own gown. You can make it by using a sewing machine and buying material from a fabric store.

6. Add Your Own Touch to a Gown You Already Own

You can make your dress even more unique if you are really on a budget. You can add beads, trims, silk flowers, lace, or other decorations to a gown that you already have.

7. Try to Shop for Your Wedding Dress During the Off-Season

If you can, you should try to shop for your dress in the off-season. You may be able to get a considerable amount of discounts on dresses during this time. In addition, you can probably find a dress that you like during this time.

8. Rent a Wedding Gown

It is possible to save a lot of money if you rent a wedding gown. You should be able to get a beautiful dress at a significantly lower cost than the cost of a new one.

Final Thoughts

You are probably aware that it can be quite an expense if you are planning a wedding. However, you can make the most of your budget and have a gorgeous gown. You should keep these ideas in mind so you can wear a beautiful gown, even on a budget.

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A Guide to Picking the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

There are many aspects that need to be meticulously considered when one plans a wedding. One of the most important things that need to be planned is what the bride will be wearing as she walks down the aisle. The bridal gown is probably the most crucial aspect of the birds’ ensemble, the key to getting everything just right is to plan every single detail. 

One particularly small part of the bridal outfit that is often overlooked and brushed aside as an afterthought is that of the bride’s veil. If you are in the process of ironing out the little details for your wedding, this blog post will help you choose the best veil that will complete your bridal attire. 

A Guide to Picking the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

There are quite a few minute details that have to be looked into before deciding which veil to get. With the overwhelming number of choices available, it may seem impossible to choose just one veil. Here are some of the most crucial considerations you need to think about when you pick a veil.

1 – Length

Veils come in a variety of lengths to suit the gown and personal style of the bride wearing them. If you are planning a casual wedding and will wear a short dress, you may want to choose a shorter veil. However, if you plan to don the traditional long wedding dress, choose a longer veil, maybe even one with a train, to wear on your big day.

2 – Clashing Colours

Some brides intentionally choose not to wear the traditional white dress or gown. In this case, it is wise to choose a style and colour that will not clash with the gown you will be wearing. If you wear a dark gown, you may want to go with a veil in a lighter shade that compliments the style, cut, and colour of the wedding dress.

3 – Hair Type and Colour

Since the veil will be placed on the head, it is a good idea to consider the style and colour of the bride’s hair on the day of the wedding. If you plan to go with an updo, choosing a long veil with embellishments may be a good idea. 

4 – Wedding Venue

Selecting the right veil may also depend on the wedding venue. The place where you will get married may dictate if it will be a casual ceremony or a formal one. Choosing a veil that suits the venue is another important consideration to make. 

Choosing the Right Veil

At the end of the day, choosing a veil shouldn’t be rocket science. You should go with the one that suits your taste and preferences and looks good with your gown. 


Because there are many considerations to look into when choosing a veil to go with your wedding gown, it pays to visit a bridal shop that can offer you a wide selection of choices to choose from. Remember that choosing the right veil will literally be your crowning glory as a bride on what will be the most important day of your life. 

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Debunking 4 Common Wedding Dress Myths

Although weddings are one of the most critical events in an individual’s life, it is also an occasion most noted for all the myths it developed over the years. However, there’s nothing to stop the love between two people from getting married—even myths about wedding dresses. Here are the most common myths about wedding dresses and their truth.

1. Bridal Gowns Have to Be White

White wedding gowns are a favourite for many women because of their elegant appeal. But contrary to popular belief, they shouldn’t only come in white. The tradition of wearing a white gown started in the 17th century because of innocence and purity. It is not portrayed as a symbol of chastity, but it symbolises independence.

Today, the bride has the leeway to wear any colour she wants as long as it is classy and fits the theme of the wedding and the bride’s personality. However, for those who want to stick with the traditional, white wedding gowns are still available at various bridal shops.

2. Beautiful Bridal Gowns Are Expensive

Even if people are not aware of the wedding dress traditions, most people have heard that a bridal gown is expensive. One of the reasons for a white gown’s popularity is the cost. Women have to have the perfect body to wear this type of gown. Money gets the best cloth, optimum tailoring, and the best fabrics.

But the thing is, beautiful wedding gowns don’t have to be expensive. These days, the designers and manufacturers of bridal gowns have discovered ways to make them affordable without sacrificing the quality and look. You can also ask your bridal gown designer to find a second-hand dress at an affordable price. Because, after all, you’re the bride, and you shouldn’t have to bother yourself about the cost.

3. Brides Should Know What They Want

It is a great idea for brides to know what they want for their dress if they picture the things they desire. For example, a bride who wants to wear a princess style wedding gown can decide on the colours she wants for the dress, like white, gold or blue. She should also choose things like the length and the neckline.

Knowing what they want will help the brides to narrow down her choice. However, the bride doesn’t need to have the final say on the colour and design. It shouldn’t matter if the bride changes her mind after selecting a plan. Everything is more important than how the person looks in the dress, and the most important thing is to be happy.

4. Bridal Gowns Should Be Floor-Length

Because of historical reasons, there are also myths about the length of bridal gowns. In the early years, only women of high status wore bridal gowns. These women wore floor-length dresses to show their wealth.

Today, brides should choose a dress that they are comfortable wearing. According to many designers, shorter dresses suit modern women because they have confidence in their beauty and skin. Also, shorter dresses are more feminine and sexy. So, if you’re planning to wear a short bridal gown, don’t worry, you’re not the first one!


A wedding is an extraordinary event for the bride and the groom, and they need to have the best wedding gown possible. And though there are some wedding dress myths, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a wonderful experience.

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Bridal Separates, Why Are They Suddenly So Popular?

One of the latest trends in bridal wear is bridal separates. If you are not too familiar with separates or do not fully understand the trend, you have come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Bridal Separates?

Separates are two or more pieces that are put together to create a new look. You can choose to have either a dress or a skirt, a jacket or a blouse or any combination of these items. You can then use your imagination to combine the two or more pieces to create a new look. The best part is choosing your dress and the separate pieces to create the perfect look.

Why Should I Choose Bridal Separates?

Some people may wonder why they should choose a bridal separate over the traditional wedding dress. Below we give you a list of reasons why bridal separates are a great option too.

1. Experimentation

A good reason to choose separates is to try out a different look and experiment. Many brides who cannot decide what style to go with have used separates to have the freedom to experiment with different types.

2. Reusability

Another reason to choose separates is that you can re-use the dress or skirt for other occasions, including important events such as your 15th wedding anniversary or your daughter’s wedding. Depending on the selected style, you can even re-use the pieces in your daily wear.

3. Costs

If you are having a small wedding, you should buy separates as they are cheaper than buying a wedding dress. We all know how expensive wedding gowns can be. Separates are great as it allows you to save some money.

4. Comfort

Unlike wedding dresses that are heavy and one-piece, separates allow you more comfort and freedom. You can head to the bathroom without worrying about the trouble you will have to go through.

5. Variety

Wedding dresses are all about tradition, but separates can give you a more modern look. They are available in various styles, shapes, and colours. You can choose the best one that fits you perfectly.

The Best Bridal Separates Styles

Once you have decided to go for a separate, you will have to choose a specific style. As mentioned above, it comes in various designs and styles, and you will need to select one according to your taste. Below, we recommend the top separate styles.

1. Modern

A modern style ditches the puffy and lacey patterns and goes for more sleek and chic designs. We recommend going for a pencil-type skirt with a structured top as this will emphasise your shape and give you maximum comfort throughout the event.

2. Bohemian

Everybody loves a bohemian look. To achieve this, we recommend a layered top and lacey skirt. You can go hard with chunky and colourful necklaces and many headwear accessories. Bohemian is a timeless and classic look that is fun but easy to look at.

3. Bold

Being bold means being able to stand out and be different from traditions. Some bold bridal separates include crop tops that show off some mid-riff and are paired with a maxi skirt. Another option is to go open back or have a long slit on your bottoms. It’s a standout style that people will remember for a long time.


There are many reasons why brides choose to wear bridal separates. They are cheaper and offer a variety of designs and styles to choose from. You can wear whatever style you want and remain comfortable throughout.

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How to Know the Right Wedding Dress Based on Your Body Shape

Our body figure is one part of our identity that can often spark various emotions. Some might feel happy and proud of the different assets that they have, while others find it hard to have acceptance over it. However, coming to terms with how you look and meeting someone who loves you for every curve and line in your body can be a confidence boost.

If you’re getting wedded to such a lucky person and finally outgrowing your insecurities, it’s best to look for your dream wedding dress. Aside from the colour and the theme of what it would look like, try to figure out the most flattering style for your body shape. Even for just one special day, a specially curated wedding dress design would be quite ideal and surreal.

Granted, hunting for the right wedding dress can be difficult as you start to question what your body type is and what to gravitate towards. Here are some body shape and wedding dress suggestions to keep in mind:

1) Hourglass Shape

Having an hourglass body shape means having a larger bust and more defined waist that flows into wider hips. Such a curvaceous body shape can be quite desirable, so try to seek dresses that accentuate that. A tight mermaid or silhouette dress can be ideal, especially if it has a plunging neckline. 

2) Triangle Shape

Triangle shape usually means that you have smaller hips compared to your chest. Layered wedding dresses are typically recommended for this kind, just to balance the bottom with the top. V necklines and wrap dresses are particularly recommended for these, followed by a flowy and longer train at the back. 

3) Pear Shape

Pear shapes are pretty much the opposite of a triangle shape, as the hips are typically bigger than your bust and the rest of your body. It’s best to focus on a striking bodice for brides with such a shape. Sleeved wedding dresses are also good to balance out the hips and draw attention to the upper part of your body.

4) Round Shape

The round or oval shape can be quite beautiful, as it can be moulded into just about any shape due to the lack thereof. The legs and arms are particularly slender, so it’s best to have a dress that would show off these features. Flared skirts with a slit can be quite fun, and pairing it with certain necklines can give the illusion of curves.

5) Rectangle Shape

The rectangle shape is usually given to brides who may have a straighter and stronger figure, emulating the bust, waist and hips with just the same width. This type may tend to have less shape compared to someone with an oval body. Thus, it might be best to go with full-blown ballgowns and princess-style dresses that create a form for you.

6) Diamond Shape

A diamond body shape usually refers to one with a bigger chest size and smaller hips. The difference between this and a triangle body shape would be the mid-section, as diamond types would have a more prominent belly. The same suggestions can apply, but it’s best to focus on the bust and keep everything from the stomach and below as free-flowing as possible.


All bodies are beautiful, and there’s surely a perfect wedding dress that’s just waiting to be worn by you. You can always pick the most flattering or even think outside the box to look and feel your best on your wedding day. 

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Cost-Effective Tips for Purchasing Wedding Gowns

wedding gowns

The struggle of finding a wedding gown is not uncommon. Although you may have a well-defined idea of what you want, you may be surprised by what you find when you start shopping. Many retailers have limited selections, and they may not have precisely what you are looking for in your price range.

While some retailers sell inexpensive dresses of excellent quality, finding them isn’t always the easiest. The reality is that the biggest factor in a dress’s price is the designer, not the fabric’s material. For some people, this could mean that you will have to compromise on fabrics that you don’t choose and a different size and style from what you had envisioned.

Today, we’re here to prevent that from happening. Your wedding gown should be perfect in every way you imagined it to be. While it can be hard, this should be possible with enough planning and preparation.

Here are a few tips to help you purchase the perfect wedding gown for you!

Set a Maximum Budget

The most important thing to do when looking for a wedding gown is to decide what you can afford to spend. Most people waste a lot of time finding a dress they can afford, but they give up due to not finding one.

The truth is that there are dresses that you can get at almost any price. The key is to focus on what you’re looking for and try to find a dress that matches that criteria. This will make finding a dress easier to find.

Have Three Style Options

Another mistake that many people make is finding one dress and then having it altered to fit them better. While this can work, it can also cost a lot of money and cause stress on your wedding day. This is why you must have more than one style option in mind before you start looking.

This will help you narrow down the selection and find a gown that fits your style and vision. This is also an excellent way to make sure that you don’t spend too much money on alterations that you don’t need to spend.

Broaden Your Search

While you may want a gown that you find online or in a magazine, you should always think about different options. If you find a dress you like, look for others with the same silhouette or a similar design.

When you do this, you save time and allow yourself to focus on what is essential, which is finding the perfect dress for your wedding. This will also make it easier to find the perfect dress for your budget.

Shop When You are Unemotional

Once you have laid the groundwork for your wedding gown, you should start looking for it. You should avoid starting your search when you are emotional about buying a dress when you do. This is because you may end up making a decision that you won’t like later on.

Instead, shop when you feel calm and rational about what you want, which will make it easier for you to find a dress you love.

Don’t Panic

This may seem like a strange tip, but it’s one of the most important. While you may be anxious about buying your wedding gown, you should try not to panic. The last thing you want to do is rush into a decision that you don’t feel was the right one.

Instead, you should take your time and carefully consider the decisions that you are making. This will help you stay focused and find a dress that you love.

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. When shopping for a wedding gown, it is best to focus on what is important. This will make it easier for you to find a dress you love and fit your budget.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding dresses, you’re in the right place! Wilkins Bridal offers gowns designed in a wide range of styles—from traditional to contemporary, with exquisite fabrics. 

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Choosing the Ideal Boho Wedding Gown for the Carefree Bride

If you want a boho theme for your wedding, you will find a lot of ideas from wedding planners and online sources. Boho style is such a popular fashion trend, and there are thousands of different models of boho wedding dresses—all with different gentle patterns. 

Boho fashion is characterised by an air of effortlessness that surrounds an attitude, which is brought to life by basic and simplistic silhouettes, easy-to-wear fabrics, flora laces, and organic beaded designs.

The Boho Look

Bohemian fashion exudes artistic, soulful, and light features that were influenced by hippy fashion of the 1960s and 1970s. Contrary to conventional bridal trends, boho fashions frequently feature relaxed wedding gowns with straightforward silhouettes, vintage accents, and warm creamy tones. 

Bohemian fashion has a creativitythat allows it to change with the times and fashions, keeping it relevant while still having a vintage appeal.

Exploring Boho Wedding Gowns

Boho-style wedding dresses are a perfect option for brides seeking breezy, dreamlike gowns that exude a carefree atmosphere. There are classic collections that enable brides to exude boho charm.

These are designed with seductive lace and ruffles, light-as-air fabrics, and straightforward designs—whether it’s laid-back hippie, shabby chic, or even cottagecore wedding dresses. This distinctive aesthetic expresses the personality of the well-traveled, lifelong flower child with vintage-inspired boho lace wedding gowns and airy chiffon patterns. 

Experiment with romantic decorations like beads, crocheting, lace, and more to select the ideal bohemian wedding dress.

Below are the best styles for boho wedding gowns that will definitely fit your boho theme.

Backless Bohemian

Dresses with no backs are quite bohemian. Although the bohemian bride is a free-spirited woman, she must nonetheless look stunning in her boho wedding dress. It is crucial to utilise contemporary lingerie fashion tactics to get that flawless look.

A boho dress with an open keyhole design is ideal for delicate girls. It can have an entirely blank, open back that is accented by the thin lines of the bodice. This defines the contour of your back, softening the fiche of your appearance. 

Either way, a dress’ design is highly tense due to the low back cut. A lofty open-back split combines workability and softness.

Summer Gowns with a Boho Flair

Boho wedding dresses accomplish a look that evokes a sense of wonder and whimsy for the woman who wishes to feel dreamy and easy on her wedding day. 

Simple designs made from graphic lace and airy materials would appeal to any bohemian bride. You want boho wedding dresses for outdoor ceremonies and intimate elopements.

Elegant Bohemian

When bohemian fashion emerged, the term romanticism was characterised by a deep appreciation of the wonders of nature and a preference for passion over reason. 

These wonderful, romantic, sophisticated boho dresses are the epitome of this idea. As you can see, romanticism is very much a part of the boho wedding scene.

Lace Bohemian

Cute hair burgeons seem to suit small women so well. Boho wedding dresses are for beautiful females because of their natural and magnetic touch.

Hands are embellished with a dreamlike pattern with intricate lace on the sleeves. Long sleeves that expose the body are appropriate for elegant females. Perforated tracery has a pleasing appearance.

Simple Gowns in the Boho Style

The rejection of material belongings is another aspect of the bohemian vision. Simplicity is valued in this minimalist mindset. When combined with spirituality, this design strategy creates incredibly soft, endearing boho wedding dresses that are surprisingly packed with emotion. Brides from all over the world are now drawn to this unique combination of characteristics.


Once you’ve selected your ideal gown, complete your boho bridal look with hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories. Change your veil for a flower crown or other floral accessories, and choose a hairstyle with any number of braids and loose waves for a sophisticated yet carefree look. 

Makeup should be applied with a light, dewy face and a neutral colour scheme to highlight your natural beauty and match well with the earthy tones of your wedding dress. For a more relaxed occasion, choose delicate, modest jewellery, or accessorise lavishly for a glitzy, traditional ceremony.

Make boho weddings one-of-a-kind with Wilkins Bridal! Our wedding gowns are designed in a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles that can definitely complement your boho theme. Contact us today for an appointment.