Beautifully Bohemian – Choosing a Boho Dress For the Free Spirit

Free-spirited brides-to-be that dream of wearing a free-flowing gown that perfectly encapsulates one’s eclectic style while walking down the aisle—or in your case, a garden, the beach, or any nature-driven setting.

Women who want to share their love stories while showcasing their unconventional personalities would definitely express their unique outlook on life through a bohemian-style wedding dress, a style that represents carefreeness and a need to enjoy everything under the sun with wanton abandon. 

What is the Bohemian Style?

The bohemian style took inspiration from the free and easy nature of gypsies, which may have infamous traits, but the love for all things boho derives from their courage to lead a nomadic lifestyle. When you weave that stylistic movement into fashion, it creates an unconventional design that isn’t encumbered by traditions and the norms expected in society. 

Seeing as bohemians emphasise the importance of living outside the box, you can imagine how creative it would look when translated into fashion. When it comes to bohemian wedding gowns, you’ll notice a medley of different fashion muses as it produces a mix of retro-fueled patterns, bold colours, and a penchant for romantic design. 

What Makes a Bohemian Style?

If you’re wondering what qualities you need to consider when shopping for the ideal bohemian wedding dress, the list below explores some of the key characteristics that make a bohemian look! 

Factor #1: Lace 

Bohemian style is all about embracing femininity without restrictions, so what better way to add an understated elegance and old-world charm to your bohemian dress than lace accents? Many bohemian wedding gowns are made with full-lace designs, though others use lace to add a touch of softness to the bride’s special ensemble. 

Factor #2: Crochet 

If you’re on the lookout for dresses with elaborate, intricate patterns, then a crocheted gown is the perfect accent that can give your look an earthly-inspired aesthetic. It looks beautiful with its artistic craftsmanship, especially as it adds visually striking textures that can make your boho wedding gown more dynamic than ever. 

Factor #3: Vintage 

Bohemian style takes cues from the casual personality of the 70s era, so it’s not a surprise that most bohemian wedding dresses look like they’re a blast from the past. Whether you’re going for simplicity or sophistication, one thing is for sure: a bohemian dress offers timeless beauty that makes your vintage look just as vogue. 

The Bottom Line: The Beauty of Bohemian Style Wedding Dresses

As a bohemian bride at heart, it’s important to explore different wedding gowns that capture your free-spirited nature. While the guide above showcases the qualities that complete a bohemian look, its essence should be as carefree as your personality. 

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Shopping For A Bridesmaid Dress That You’ll Love

bridesmaid dresses

Searching for dresses you and your bridal party adore can make the shopping process exciting and tricky. Since it’s your wedding, the dresses should secure your approval, but it’s just as essential to pick out dresses that fit your friends’ tastes, budgets, and comfort levels. It’s also ideal to find dresses that they’ll be more than happy to wear again.

Ticking these off your to-do list may seem like a tall order, but it can certainly be done, especially if you work with top-tier wedding dressmakers that can point you in the right direction. Here are a few tips to help you shop for the perfect bridesmaid dress:

Choose Comfortable Dresses

Everyone has a different body type, which means a particular style will look good on one individual but not the other. Whether your wedding party consists of four people or fourteen, you’ll have to do the delicate dance of accommodating as many preferences as possible when shopping for the ideal bridesmaid dress. 

Still, it’s important to note these and make sure it appeals to as many of your bridesmaids as possible. You can even ask them to send some dress details they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in, barring colour preference. Once you have the information you need, find a reliable dressmaker that can customise the look of each dress by neckline, length, silhouette, and more.

Ensure They Complement Your Wedding Gown

While your bridesmaid dresses don’t need to match your wedding gown, it’s vital to make sure they complement each other and present a cohesive look. If your wedding gown is structured and modern, you wouldn’t want your bridal party to wear frilly dresses with tons of ribbon and lace. 

Consider Colour

One of the top considerations to make when shopping for a bridesmaid dress you’ll love is the colour. Many people opt for a classic hue like baby blue or a subtle pink, but others like to stand out more by choosing something trendier, like mustard yellow. Make sure to select a colour that fits your wedding palette and aesthetic, matches the season, and flatters your bridal party’s skin tones. Remember that you don’t need to stick to solid-coloured dresses, as colour blocks or floral prints do just as well. Alternatively, you can select a general colour scheme and leave it up to your bridesmaids to choose a dress they love within the criterion.

Account for Their Budgets

Weddings can be expensive, which is why it’s widely accepted for your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. However, this can also be a source of contention in the dress shopping process if you aren’t extra careful. Be honest about your expectations from the beginning and ask them to be transparent about what they can afford, which will help you keep your dresses within their price range.

Think of the Season, Venue, Time of Day, and Formality

It’s important to dress according to the season, so you and your wedding party feel as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, it would undoubtedly be difficult to enjoy one of the most memorable moments of your life if you or your bridesmaids are fussing with their dresses due to itchiness or general discomfort. To avoid this, you’ll need to consider your wedding date, time, venue, and formality.

Fall and winter weddings mean deeper jewel tones, thicker fabrics, and longer dresses. Spring and summer weddings call for comfortable, loose silhouettes, lighter colours, and breathable fabrics. You must also factor in the formality of your wedding and the time of day, as you wouldn’t want your bridal party to be decked out in sequins under the gleam of the high noon sun at the beach. 


Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is exhilarating since it’ll give you an accurate picture of what your wedding party will look like on the big day. However, it can be tough to account for different preferences and factors that may clash with each other. By following these tips, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect bridesmaid dress.

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6 Tips on Planning an Intimate Rustic Wedding

It can be challenging to narrow down your wedding theme options, especially with so much inspiration available. 

But if you’re looking for a unique theme, then you can never go wrong with rustic. It’s not only lovely and simple to style, but it also goes with any season, from chilly winter nights to sunny summer days. 

Are you planning to go for an intimate rustic wedding? Make sure to read the top suggestions for creating a Pinterest-worthy rustic wedding theme first! 

1. Incorporate Your Theme into Each of Your Elements

Keep your rustic wedding theme in mind while selecting all of the other elements of your wedding. Choose wildflowers, simple floral arrangements, or a lace-style cake. Don’t forget that your wedding accessories and clothing can also have a rustic feel to them. 

You can also choose a simpler dress style, such as lace, while your future husband can go for a less formal tweed suit.

2. Pick A Barn for Your Event

One of the most crucial aspects of the wedding planning process is selecting your wedding location. Choosing one that complements your wedding theme will make all the difference. 

With their neutral colour palettes, gorgeous locations, and natural feel, barns lend themselves nicely to the rustic motif for weddings in Christchurch. 

3. Keep The Furnishings as Natural as Possible

Rustic weddings have a natural and neutral colour palette, including browns, creams, and greens. You won’t have to fuss about chair coverings or tablecloths to complete your wedding decor. The rustic wedding design goes so much better with the natural beauty of excellent hardwood. If you want, you can use trestle tables with burlap or lace runners instead of the typical round table.

4. Make Homemade Favours for Your Guests

Because rustic weddings emphasise all things natural and handmade, why not incorporate this theme in your wedding favours as well? A common choice is jam jars packed with homemade jam, honey, or chocolates. For a winter wedding, a unique concept is serving up a cake or hot chocolate in a jar.

5. Serve More Casual Fare

There’s something about a rustic wedding that makes it feel more cosy, laid-back, and enjoyable. Instead of the usual three-course dinner, why not a hog roast or BBQ? You can serve your visitors a selection of home-baked classic cakes for dessert so that they can enjoy classic comfort cuisine.

6. Brighten Up the Place 

You can’t go wrong with fairy lights if you want to add some delicate, romantic illumination to your rustic wedding. They’re a terrific way to add some beauty to your surroundings, whether they’re hung as a background or from the ceiling.


Imagine how calm and carefree a rusting wedding will be. Finding what’s suitable for your style, the perfect day, and capturing a memorable moment is what your wedding is all about. 

It’s extensive work arranging a wedding, especially when trying to organise your dream rustic wedding. A wedding may be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but no amount of planning can keep things from going wrong. Make sure to maintain a cheerful attitude and take deep breaths! 

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4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Magical

wedding gowns

Your wedding is one of your most special days, so you’ll want to make sure everything goes perfectly. You’ll also want your wedding to be unique to you and your spouse-to-be, giving your guests a taste of something different instead of being merely another wedding that resembles everything else they’ve attended.

For this reason, making your wedding day extra magical will not only make it more memorable for you but everyone involved. Here are some ways to make your wedding day even more special:

1. Go Beyond White

When people think of weddings, they usually imagine a regal, glowing bride in a beautiful white gown. In addition to this, most brides wear white everything, including their shoes and accessories. While many brides certainly look like a vision in white, there are other ways to look just as gorgeous by spicing up your wedding gown with different colours.

There are no rules that state that you must wear white to your wedding. If you want to try something different, consider wearing other colours, like pale pink, peach, green, or a lovely baby blue. If you feel comfortable in white, consider using different colours for your accessories. Your bridal look will undoubtedly stand out, and you’ll add a bit of magic along the way!

2. Opt for a Pale Bouquet

Every wedding has most of its focus on the bride. For this reason, you’ll want to go for a pale bouquet instead of one that is a little too bright or beautiful, as these blooms will take centre stage instead of you. The worst-case scenario is when people start complimenting your bouquet when they’re about to take photos of you and your spouse-to-be instead of how radiant you look!

To prevent your bouquet from competing with you, choose a pale bouquet instead. It can still be a charming assortment of blooms, but it’s best to choose one that doesn’t take all the attention that should rightfully be on you. You can also choose one whose colours match your accessories or shoes for a more cohesive look. 

3. Organise a Buffet

Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding, and you’ll need to make sure you suit the dietary restrictions of all your guests. Once you have a list of people who have confirmed their attendance, organise a buffet that can accommodate different diets, like vegetarian, vegan, egg-free, and dairy-free. 

You’ll need the help of the best wedding caterers to get this done, but it will certainly be the effort, as many people love to talk about how delicious the food was at a wedding! Be sure to choose caterers that know how to decorate dishes in an attractive, unforgettable way to add more magic to your celebration.

4. Sync Your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Your bridesmaid will constantly surround you during the actual wedding, which is why the dress they wear is just as important as your own. Your bridesmaids’ dresses must be in sync with the wedding’s overall theme and set-up, giving a more comprehensive look that adds more beauty to your wedding. You can have them wear different shades of the same colour, wear the exact hue, or anything else that complements the theme.


Your wedding day is an exciting, unforgettable moment you’ll want to treasure forever. By following these tips, you’ll make it even more magical, especially with a gorgeous wedding gown that is uniquely yours.

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How to Shop for the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Dress

plus size wedding dress

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding will always be a challenge for plus size brides. It’s trial and error when you’re hunting for the best wedding dress for your curves. Having a wide and inclusive selection to choose from can make things much easier, but it’s still a daunting task to finally select one.

Still, the show must go on. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can shop for the perfect plus size wedding dress that can fit you perfectly, just in time for you to say “I do”.

Show Up to Try the Clothes

Whether you’re going to a physical store or having different dresses shipped for you to try on, be sure to show up prepared. Wearing comfortable undergarments will be paramount for you to get through a dozen or more dresses.

Ideally, you should be wearing a strapless bra. If you’re trying on a dress that doesn’t have any stress, you can get a better understanding of how it would really look on your wedding day. Consider wearing your wedding shoes when trying out clothes to get the full meal deal.

Explore Different Styles

Being plus size entails having a bigger body, but there are still all sorts of shapes and sizes even within that spectrum. The same dress on a curvy hourglass figure may look different when worn by someone who’s more pear-shaped or oval-shaped. Try out different styles to figure out what looks good to you and what your preference is. 

Here are several popular wedding dress styles to choose from:

  • A-Line Gowns. A-line wedding dresses will look lovely on everybody, flattering just about any body shape or size. There’s so much variation in the sleeves and the detailing of the waistband too.
  • Corset Gowns. Corset gowns with a dropped waist can help accentuate the curves in your body. This kind of wedding dress is perfect for the plus-size bride who’s confident in their hips and the rest of their shape. 
  • Mermaid Gowns. Mermaid gowns or trumpet wedding gowns hug the figure, making plus-size brides accentuate their existing chest, waist and hip proportions. This can be flattering on figure eights and several other body shapes.
  • Ball Gowns. If you want to feel like a bit of a princess on your wedding night, ball gowns can be extra exciting. The design of the torso can look exemplary on your top half as the rest of the dress runs into a flowy train.

Consider Shapewear

Some brides may want to try wearing shapewear, both for shopping and their wedding day. Keep in mind that you may be sacrificing a bit of comfort for a better figure if you’re going to go with the Spanx. There are all kinds of wedding dresses to choose from that can look flawless on you regardless of shapewear, so just keep it as an option on the table.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Although wedding dress shopping isn’t an Olympic sport, it can still be quite tiring to go through. While you’re in the midst of trying on so many clothes, don’t forget to drink some water and take a breather. Rest your feet and stretch when you need to before trying a couple more and deciding what’s the perfect one. 


There is a method to shopping for the perfect plus size wedding dress, and these steps lay out everything you need to know when shopping. If you’re feeling a little crushed, just remember that you’re beautiful. Plus, there’s a lucky person who’s waiting to watch you walk down the aisle and marry you. 

Looking for a plus size wedding dress? Wilkins Bridal in Christchurch, New Zealand, offers a huge array of gowns that go from traditional to contemporary, using the most exquisite fabrics, intricate embroidery and sparkling beading. Get in touch with us today!

A Guide to Picking the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

There are many aspects that need to be meticulously considered when one plans a wedding. One of the most important things that need to be planned is what the bride will be wearing as she walks down the aisle. The bridal gown is probably the most crucial aspect of the birds’ ensemble, the key to getting everything just right is to plan every single detail. 

One particularly small part of the bridal outfit that is often overlooked and brushed aside as an afterthought is that of the bride’s veil. If you are in the process of ironing out the little details for your wedding, this blog post will help you choose the best veil that will complete your bridal attire. 

A Guide to Picking the Right Veil for Your Wedding Dress

There are quite a few minute details that have to be looked into before deciding which veil to get. With the overwhelming number of choices available, it may seem impossible to choose just one veil. Here are some of the most crucial considerations you need to think about when you pick a veil.

1 – Length

Veils come in a variety of lengths to suit the gown and personal style of the bride wearing them. If you are planning a casual wedding and will wear a short dress, you may want to choose a shorter veil. However, if you plan to don the traditional long wedding dress, choose a longer veil, maybe even one with a train, to wear on your big day.

2 – Clashing Colours

Some brides intentionally choose not to wear the traditional white dress or gown. In this case, it is wise to choose a style and colour that will not clash with the gown you will be wearing. If you wear a dark gown, you may want to go with a veil in a lighter shade that compliments the style, cut, and colour of the wedding dress.

3 – Hair Type and Colour

Since the veil will be placed on the head, it is a good idea to consider the style and colour of the bride’s hair on the day of the wedding. If you plan to go with an updo, choosing a long veil with embellishments may be a good idea. 

4 – Wedding Venue

Selecting the right veil may also depend on the wedding venue. The place where you will get married may dictate if it will be a casual ceremony or a formal one. Choosing a veil that suits the venue is another important consideration to make. 

Choosing the Right Veil

At the end of the day, choosing a veil shouldn’t be rocket science. You should go with the one that suits your taste and preferences and looks good with your gown. 


Because there are many considerations to look into when choosing a veil to go with your wedding gown, it pays to visit a bridal shop that can offer you a wide selection of choices to choose from. Remember that choosing the right veil will literally be your crowning glory as a bride on what will be the most important day of your life. 

To help you get the best in bridal wear and prepare for your big day, come to Wilkins Bridal! Our gowns are designed in a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary with exquisite fabrics including luxurious satins, flowing chiffons and sensational silks, complemented by elegant detail such as intricate embroidery or sparkling beading using genuine Swarovski crystals. Choose from the best wedding accessories by visiting us today!