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The Unbreakable Bond Between Bride and Bridesmaid

Searching for dresses you and your bridal party adore can make the shopping process exciting and tricky. Since it’s your wedding, the dresses should secure your approval, but it’s just as essential to pick out dresses that fit your friends’ tastes, budgets, and comfort levels. It’s also ideal to find dresses that they’ll be more than happy to wear again.

Ticking these off your to-do list may seem like a tall order, but it can certainly be done, especially if you work with top-tier wedding dressmakers that can point you in the right direction. Here are a few tips to help you shop for the perfect bridesmaid dress:

Choose Comfortable Dresses

Everyone has a different body type, which means a particular style will look good on one individual but not the other. Whether your wedding party consists of four people or fourteen, you’ll have to do the delicate dance of accommodating as many preferences as possible when shopping for the ideal bridesmaid dress. 

Still, it’s important to note these and make sure it appeals to as many of your bridesmaids as possible. You can even ask them to send some dress details they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in, barring colour preference. Once you have the information you need, find a reliable dressmaker that can customise the look of each dress by neckline, length, silhouette, and more.

Ensure They Complement Your Wedding Gown

While your bridesmaid dresses don’t need to match your wedding gown, it’s vital to make sure they complement each other and present a cohesive look. If your wedding gown is structured and modern, you wouldn’t want your bridal party to wear frilly dresses with tons of ribbon and lace. 

Consider Colour

One of the top considerations to make when shopping for a bridesmaid dress you’ll love is the colour. Many people opt for a classic hue like baby blue or a subtle pink, but others like to stand out more by choosing something trendier, like mustard yellow. Make sure to select a colour that fits your wedding palette and aesthetic, matches the season, and flatters your bridal party’s skin tones. Remember that you don’t need to stick to solid-coloured dresses, as colour blocks or floral prints do just as well. Alternatively, you can select a general colour scheme and leave it up to your bridesmaids to choose a dress they love within the criterion.

Account for Their Budgets

Weddings can be expensive, which is why it’s widely accepted for your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. However, this can also be a source of contention in the dress shopping process if you aren’t extra careful. Be honest about your expectations from the beginning and ask them to be transparent about what they can afford, which will help you keep your dresses within their price range.

Think of the Season, Venue, Time of Day, and Formality

It’s important to dress according to the season, so you and your wedding party feel as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, it would undoubtedly be difficult to enjoy one of the most memorable moments of your life if you or your bridesmaids are fussing with their dresses due to itchiness or general discomfort. To avoid this, you’ll need to consider your wedding date, time, venue, and formality.

Fall and winter weddings mean deeper jewel tones, thicker fabrics, and longer dresses. Spring and summer weddings call for comfortable, loose silhouettes, lighter colours, and breathable fabrics. You must also factor in the formality of your wedding and the time of day, as you wouldn’t want your bridal party to be decked out in sequins under the gleam of the high noon sun at the beach. 


Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is exhilarating since it’ll give you an accurate picture of what your wedding party will look like on the big day. However, it can be tough to account for different preferences and factors that may clash with each other. By following these tips, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect bridesmaid dress.

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