How to Know the Right Wedding Dress Based on Your Body Shape

Our body figure is one part of our identity that can often spark various emotions. Some might feel happy and proud of the different assets that they have, while others find it hard to have acceptance over it. However, coming to terms with how you look and meeting someone who loves you for every curve and line in your body can be a confidence boost.

If you’re getting wedded to such a lucky person and finally outgrowing your insecurities, it’s best to look for your dream wedding dress. Aside from the colour and the theme of what it would look like, try to figure out the most flattering style for your body shape. Even for just one special day, a specially curated wedding dress design would be quite ideal and surreal.

Granted, hunting for the right wedding dress can be difficult as you start to question what your body type is and what to gravitate towards. Here are some body shape and wedding dress suggestions to keep in mind:

1) Hourglass Shape

Having an hourglass body shape means having a larger bust and more defined waist that flows into wider hips. Such a curvaceous body shape can be quite desirable, so try to seek dresses that accentuate that. A tight mermaid or silhouette dress can be ideal, especially if it has a plunging neckline. 

2) Triangle Shape

Triangle shape usually means that you have smaller hips compared to your chest. Layered wedding dresses are typically recommended for this kind, just to balance the bottom with the top. V necklines and wrap dresses are particularly recommended for these, followed by a flowy and longer train at the back. 

3) Pear Shape

Pear shapes are pretty much the opposite of a triangle shape, as the hips are typically bigger than your bust and the rest of your body. It’s best to focus on a striking bodice for brides with such a shape. Sleeved wedding dresses are also good to balance out the hips and draw attention to the upper part of your body.

4) Round Shape

The round or oval shape can be quite beautiful, as it can be moulded into just about any shape due to the lack thereof. The legs and arms are particularly slender, so it’s best to have a dress that would show off these features. Flared skirts with a slit can be quite fun, and pairing it with certain necklines can give the illusion of curves.

5) Rectangle Shape

The rectangle shape is usually given to brides who may have a straighter and stronger figure, emulating the bust, waist and hips with just the same width. This type may tend to have less shape compared to someone with an oval body. Thus, it might be best to go with full-blown ballgowns and princess-style dresses that create a form for you.

6) Diamond Shape

A diamond body shape usually refers to one with a bigger chest size and smaller hips. The difference between this and a triangle body shape would be the mid-section, as diamond types would have a more prominent belly. The same suggestions can apply, but it’s best to focus on the bust and keep everything from the stomach and below as free-flowing as possible.


All bodies are beautiful, and there’s surely a perfect wedding dress that’s just waiting to be worn by you. You can always pick the most flattering or even think outside the box to look and feel your best on your wedding day. 

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