How to Choose the Ideal Second Dress for Your Reception

Many brides wear large and heavy dresses during their ceremony. However, they would then opt to change into something else for their reception, something they can have a little more room in. If you are one of those brides who want a second dress for your reception, then you might already have an idea of what you want to wear.

However, if you aren’t sure yet, don’t worry! In this guide, we compiled our best tips in choosing a second dress.

1. Choose a Shorter Dress

Since you are going to change from a heavy wedding gown to a simpler reception dress, it will be best to choose a shorter dress. A skirt that is shorter in length will need less work to transform it from a wedding dress to a reception dress.

Some people even opt for pants. After all, the reception is a party you are meant to enjoy, and with pants, you can do that easily.

2. Don’t Overspend on Your Second Dress

You might be used to spending large sums of money on your wedding dress, and you might feel pressured to spend the same amount on your second dress. However, don’t rush yourself into spending a lot. You don’t need to buy an expensive dress. It is okay if you are okay with a less expensive one.

In the end, your second dress will just be worn for a few hours before you change back into your wedding dress. It is wise to be on a budget for your wedding.

A less expensive dress will do just fine for your reception. But make sure that the dress is of good quality!

3. Wear Something You Enjoy Wearing

After all the preparation for your big day, you deserve to have a good time. If you feel comfortable wearing a certain dress, then wear it for your reception! It doesn’t have to be expensive, or flashy. You just have to wear the dress that makes you happy!

4. Try to Match It with Your Wedding Theme

Instead of choosing a second dress with a completely different theme from your wedding dress, find a dress that can match your wedding dress. Your wedding dress and your reception dress should be close in style. This way, it would be easier to match them.

5. Experiment with Styles

Don’t limit yourself to choosing a second dress that is more “formal,” and don’t go for other styles. Instead, why don’t you try something new? Come up with a different style and make your wedding different.

For example, you could wear a one-shoulder dress for your reception instead of a gown. This way, you would be able to wear your hair down, something that is not as easy to do with a long dress.

6. Choose a Dress That You Can Wear Again

If you can wear your reception dress again, then you are one smart bride! Instead of spending a lot of money on a dress that will only be worn for an hour or two, you can save money by choosing a dress that you can wear again.


As you may have realized by now, there are many options you have in choosing a second dress for your wedding: a simpler dress which you can wear after the ceremony. The first and most important thing to remember is that your second dress doesn’t have to be as showy or as elaborate as your wedding dress, but it should not be plain either. A second dress is a perfect opportunity for you to be creative. You don’t have to stick to the traditional wedding gowns. Do some research and experiment with styles!

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