Effective Ways You Can Protect Your Valuable Wedding Gown

For most brides, securing the perfect wedding dress is more important than the rest of the wedding essentials. It’s something that your wedding party and guests are looking forward to seeing, and it’s undoubtedly something special to you on this particular day. 

It’s totally understandable if you want to treat this clothing with care. You’ll want to protect your wedding gown from the moment it’s in your hands through the day of the celebrations and long after the last dance.

Here’s how to take care of your precious wedding gown so that it looks great at your event and for years to come.

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe Before and During the Big Day

When you pick up your dress from your seamstress, ensure that it comes in a waterproof garment bag. If you’re driving your dress, try putting it in a box and use rolled tissue paper (or something cylindrical) in the dress folds to avoid creases.

Hang your dress in a cool, dry area as soon as you get it, preferably on a padded hanger.

Only steam your dress if needed and if the fabric can withstand it. Confirm this with your dressmaker before steaming.

Before putting on your dress, apply any perfume or hairspray first as the mist from these products can cause stains. Step carefully into your gown, and have your bridesmaids assist you in putting on your shoes.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, invest in a bridal petticoat to keep the hem of your gown from dragging on the ground. If it pours on your day and you still want to take photos outside, pack some parasols and a groundsheet to stand on if the ground is wet.

Preserving Your Gown after the Wedding

After your wedding day, bring your gown in for cleaning and preservation as soon as possible. Look for a professional who specialises in bridal gown washing and preservation. A wedding dress preservation kit, which usually includes cleaning and stain removal as well as an anti-yellowing treatment, is another option.

When handling a wedding gown, always wear white cotton gloves. Lay the gown out flat or hang it properly by loops inside the dress that are connected to sturdy side seams. Wrap your dress in acid-free paper and store it in a pH-neutral or acid-free box.

You can also seal your bridal gown in an airtight container, box it, or bag it to protect it from moths and other dangerous substances.

Securing a Wedding Dress Insurance

The bride’s gown is likely to be the most expensive of all the bridal party attires. With so many funds being spent on the wedding, it is well worth it for couples to consider purchasing an insurance policy in the event that something goes wrong before their big day.

With all of the effort and money spent on finding the perfect wedding gown, it’s best to be prepared in case the unimaginable occurs.


If you follow these guidelines, your gown will be in perfect condition from the time it is purchased until many years after your wedding. Taking care of your gown properly means you’ll be able to pass it down to future generations.

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