Tips on Planning an Intimate Rustic Wedding

It can be challenging to narrow down your wedding theme options, especially with so much inspiration available. 

But if you’re looking for a unique theme, then you can never go wrong with rustic. It’s not only lovely and simple to style, but it also goes with any season, from chilly winter nights to sunny summer days. 

Are you planning to go for an intimate rustic wedding? Make sure to read the top suggestions for creating a Pinterest-worthy rustic wedding theme first! 

1. Incorporate Your Theme into Each of Your Elements

Keep your rustic wedding theme in mind while selecting all of the other elements of your wedding. Choose wildflowers, simple floral arrangements, or a lace-style cake. Don’t forget that your wedding accessories and clothing can also have a rustic feel to them. 

You can also choose a simpler dress style, such as lace, while your future husband can go for a less formal tweed suit.

2. Pick A Barn for Your Event

One of the most crucial aspects of the wedding planning process is selecting your wedding location. Choosing one that complements your wedding theme will make all the difference. 

With their neutral colour palettes, gorgeous locations, and natural feel, barns lend themselves nicely to the rustic motif for weddings in Christchurch. 

3. Keep The Furnishings as Natural as Possible

Rustic weddings have a natural and neutral colour palette, including browns, creams, and greens. You won’t have to fuss about chair coverings or tablecloths to complete your wedding decor. The rustic wedding design goes so much better with the natural beauty of excellent hardwood. If you want, you can use trestle tables with burlap or lace runners instead of the typical round table.

4. Make Homemade Favours for Your Guests

Because rustic weddings emphasise all things natural and handmade, why not incorporate this theme in your wedding favours as well? A common choice is jam jars packed with homemade jam, honey, or chocolates. For a winter wedding, a unique concept is serving up a cake or hot chocolate in a jar.

5. Serve More Casual Fare

There’s something about a rustic wedding that makes it feel more cosy, laid-back, and enjoyable. Instead of the usual three-course dinner, why not a hog roast or BBQ? You can serve your visitors a selection of home-baked classic cakes for dessert so that they can enjoy classic comfort cuisine.

6. Brighten Up the Place 

You can’t go wrong with fairy lights if you want to add some delicate, romantic illumination to your rustic wedding. They’re a terrific way to add some beauty to your surroundings, whether they’re hung as a background or from the ceiling.


Imagine how calm and carefree a rusting wedding will be. Finding what’s suitable for your style, the perfect day, and capturing a memorable moment is what your wedding is all about. 

It’s extensive work arranging a wedding, especially when trying to organise your dream rustic wedding. A wedding may be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, but no amount of planning can keep things from going wrong. Make sure to maintain a cheerful attitude and take deep breaths! 

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