Things to Bring to a Bridesmaid Dress Fitting

One of the biggest things people worry about when attending a wedding is finding something to wear. Thankfully, as a bridesmaid, your outfit, whether it’s a dress, suit, or something else, is covered by the happy couple.

The only thing you need to do is show up to the fitting and ensure everything is all well and good with the dress. Or so you might think. While a dress fitting is not exactly rocket science, you should still come prepared as a bridesmaid. This will help the process go that much smoother. This article will discuss a few essential things you should bring to a dress fitting.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Right Underwear

You might not think this is a big deal, but wearing the right underwear is much more important than you might think.

When you wear the right underwear, it will make it much easier for you to slip into your strapless gown or corset without any issues. For similar reasons, you should wear the right bra to prevent damage to the zippers or other elements.

If you wear a strapless bra, make sure you wear a strapless bra that fits you well. Also, especially if you’re bigger busted, bring a sports bra. This will prevent any unnecessary stretching of the dress.

2. Flats and High Heels

Wear flats or a pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on and off. While you probably won’t be walking too much during the fitting, you never know when you might need to go to the car to grab something.

If you wear heels at the wedding, it would be good to bring that pair with you to the fitting. This will help the seamstress make accurate adjustments to your dress.

3. Makeup

It is good to show up to a fitting with your makeup already done. Not only will it help you focus on the fitting, but it will also help the seamstress see what your look will be on the big day.

This will also help the seamstress see how the dress will go with your makeup and hair. If you show up with your makeup already done, it will be easier to pinpoint any areas of concern. To avoid an uncomfortable makeup situation, wear light makeup and keep the number of products minimal.

4. Jewelry and Accessories

While the jewelry you’re wearing won’t be part of the dress, you should still bring it along to the fitting. This will help the seamstress make sure everything harmonises well.

5. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

You should have a variety of hair ties and bobby pins on hand when attending a fitting. If you style your hair in a certain way, you may want to bring along your hairbrush just in case your hair gets messy. 

These accessories will also help you prepare for any last-minute adjustments that may need to be made. It is always a good idea to have hair ties, bobby pins, and your hairbrush handy.

The Bottom Line

One of the most important roles of the wedding entourage is to support the bride and groom. When you’re ready and prepared for your dress fitting, you’re already fulfilling one part of your role as a bridesmaid. 

Your cooperation is worth a ton to any bride. That is why being prepared is one of the nicest things you can do when attending a fitting. If you’re ready, everything will run smoothly for you and everyone else.

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